• Small Steps Webinar Series 4
    "Protecting Your Data & Controlling
    Your Work Flow"

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  • Upgrading your site investigation
    software: Don't fear change

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  • Can Geotechnical BIM
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  • Atkins needed to assess
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Latest Version of HoleBASE SI Available to Download

The latest version of HoleBASE SI is now available to download from Keynetix Assist for customers with an Active Support Agreement.

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Small Steps Webinar Series 4 - Protecting Your Data and Controlling Your Work Flow

In the second of our Series 4 Small Steps Webinars, Oliver Carnaby runs you through how to secure your data through multiple techniques involving both...

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Van Elle - HoleBASE SI & Template Studio

A new streamlined approach to handling geotechnical data from railway investigations is bringing significant benefits to Van Elle and Network Rail.

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Transform your organizations Geotechnical Data Journey.

Our solutions cover every stage of the Geotechnical data journey from planning, through site work and reporting to 3D Modeling and National Archives.


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Keynetix are experts in Geotechnical Data
Management and Geotechnical BIM.

For over 20 years we have been developing innovative software using the latest technologies.
We work with leading Consultants, Contractors and Geotechnical Laboratories across the world.
Our dedicated support team have the experience to ensure you get the most out of your investment.


Experience Keynetix

Maximize the value of your Geotechnical Data.

We are committed to helping organizations transform the way they capture, visualize, model and share data throughout every stage of the geotechnical data journey.


The Company

Fulfill the potential of your software.

We have a dedicated support team on hand to help resolve any issue that you may experience alongside a fully featured web help system.


Keynetix Assist

  • HoleBASE SI is a good industry standard and commonly used so data is transferable between all industry users.

  • HoleBASE SI is an accomplished product which is being continually developed to keep up with advancement within the industry.

  • HoleBASE SI is making the steps in the right direction of making data entry and management a pleasant experience.