Autodesk® Geotechnical Module Companion Products


HoleBASE SI is a state of the art geotechnical knowledge management system that will help you stay in control of your geotechnical project data and archive.

HoleBASE SI’s unique features allow you to manage your data throughout the lifetime of a project and access historical information alongside your current project, transforming the way you archive and manage site investigation.

HoleBASE SI also allows you to produce logs, reports, charts and interpretations of your data within seconds and is scalable to suit both small contractors and large multinational consultants.

The Autodesk® Geotechnical Module direct connection to HoleBASE SI allows quick, easy inclusion and update of all your geotechnical data in the BIM process and CAD drawings.

HoleBASE SI Extension for AutoCAD Civil 3D

Upgrade the Autodesk Geotechnical Module to HoleBASE SI Extension for AutoCAD Civil 3D® (coming soon) and access yet more great functionality for visualising and modelling geotechnical data in AutoCAD Civil 3D

The new extension for Civil 3D will incorporate much of the functionality in the classic KeyHOLE product. The  functionality includes:

  • Plotting of down hole information  in  strips in both plan and on profile, any borehole depth relating data can be plotted, including water levels, CPT readings, Ublows etc.
  • Geology modelling tools, including  lens generation,  fault modelling  etc.
  • Presentation tools, including the rapid production of Fence Diagrams

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Training and Tutorials

To get the most out of the Autodesk Geotechnical Module we have created a number of training videos that not only show you how to use it but will also explain workflows to enable the creation and modelling of geotechnical data in AutoCAD Civil 3D:


Autodesk Infrastructure Channel on YouTube
Keynetix’s From the Ground Down tutorial site