• Event Image_Class 1

    AU Class – CI124209 – New Workflows for Clear 3D Visualizations and Sharing of Subsurface Geology

    Date(s): 14 Nov 2017 to 14 Nov 2017

    Having clear 3D visualization methods of the subsurface geology layers is vital for clients and the wider construction team to better understand the ground conditions and risks. In this class you will learn how to use the new Geotechnical Module 2018 Fence Diagram tool to create clear 3D visualizations of the subsurface layers.

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  • Event Image_Class 2

    AU Class – CI125017 – Making the Change to AutoCAD Civil 3D and HoleBASE SI for Geotechnical BIM

    Date(s): 15 Nov 2017 to 15 Nov 2017

    We will be jointly hosting this class with Thomas Pallua of MacMillan Jacobs. This class examines the methods and benefits obtained in the implementation of a geotechnical BIM utilizing AutoCAD Civil 3D and HoleBASE SI, for a large transportation project with 118+ borings within the Seattle area.

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  • Website_Master_HBSI_Course

    Mastering HoleBASE SI: Training Course

    Date(s): 30 Jan 2018 to 31 Jan 2018

    This two-day hands-on training course for up to 6 delegates includes all the information a typical HoleBASE SI user might require for day-to-day use. Some content is presented with the project manager in mind, this providing a framework for how the system can be used in a team context.

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  • Website_TS_Course

    Designing Templates for HoleBASE SI: Training Course

    Date(s): 1 Feb 2018 to 1 Feb 2018

    A training course for potential users of the HoleBASE SI Template Studio module. This course covers the ways that output templates can be changed and created. This allows borehole logs, site plan and section templates to be generated which reflect company specific requirements.

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