Small Steps Webinar Series 4 – Protecting Your Data and Controlling Your Work Flow

Date(s): 2 Mar 2018 to 2 Mar 2018
13:00 – 14:00
Location: Online


The Small Steps webinars this year are focussed on increasing efficiency in all of your workflows and they will take place the first Friday of every month.

In the second of our Series 4 Small Step Webinars, Oliver Carnaby will run you through how to secure your data through multiple techniques involving both HoleBASE SI and KeyLAB.

This will include a run through of the new and improved security setup in HoleBASE SI, including how to use Active Directory for your logins. They will also demonstrate how using security roles effectively can control the integrity of your data, preventing a disaster from an unauthorised source.

1pm GMT UK Config Pack Registration

12pm EDT/EST ASTM Config Pack Registration

Course code: SSW402-03
Cost per delegate: 0
Capacity: 150