At 2pm on Wednesday the 25th July the next support surgery will be on the subject “Why Bother with User Accounts?”

Please note that the following news item is an archived article. Therefore any links and information may now be out of date.

Logging in by selecting the name from a drop down list of someone who left the office several years ago?
Post-it notes stuck to the edge of almost every monitor in the office with the same password scrawled upon them?
A sense of confusion when vFORMS asks for a “System Manager” login, whatever that might be?

All of these might indicate that you might not be making the most out of user accounts.  Worse still, in the most extreme cases they may even point to an all-too-casual attitude to the security of your data.  Sure, user accounts aren’t for everyone. However, if you find out what they can do; you can make a simple, informed decision – keep them and update them or just turn them off!  Join us for the next of our support surgeries for this time honoured classic and tidy up or tighten up access to HoleBASE as suits you best.

The webinar will be followed immediately by a ‘support surgery’ session.  Attendees can book a private fifteen minute slot to discuss any issues they wish with Phil Child, the Keynetix Services Manager.  These sessions can either be booked prior to the session (simply request an appointment when registering) or in response to the material demonstrated.  Please note, however, that appointments are limited.

Click here to find out more or register for this online event, free to holders of a current maintenance agreement.