Autodesk Geotechnical Module 2018 Released

This week sees the release of the latest version of the Autodesk Geotechnical Module, a free add on to AutoCAD Civil 3D licenced by Keynetix to Autodesk, which helps engineering companies around the world take their first step to streamlining their geotechnical drawing and modelling production.

Join our webinar and find out what’s new in the Geotechnical Module for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2018.  Register now and receive free training on the new features and capabilities of the Geotechnical Module for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2018

Webinar: Mastering the New Features of the Geotechnical Module 2018 – Register Today

The functionality added to this release of the Geotechnical Module covers improvements of model creation and drawing production.

Fence Diagrams add a new perspective to 3D geotechnical Visualization

Fence Diagrams add a new perspective to 3D geotechnical Visualization

One of the visualization improvements to the program is the new Fence Diagram command This creates a cross-section in 2D and then allows you to quickly add it to your 3D model. When this new feature is coupled with the new Geotechnical property feature and the new Geotechnical Export command it makes the production and sharing of 3D Geotechnical Models with other applications, including infraworks, much easier and more powerful.

The new release also includes several features to assist users who are using the Geotechnical Module to increase the efficiency of drawing production. A new layer manager has been added to ensure your geotechnical objects are drawn on the correct layers and the ability to edit profile and define profile bands has made the production of profile views (sections) faster still.

“We are extremely proud that Autodesk, the world leader for CAD/BIM software, work with Keynetix as their Geotechnical Partner. This latest upgrade has significant new features which are a real benefit to many users in both visualization and drawing production” Gary Morin, Technical Director, Keynetix

To assist with the launch of the new release, Keynetix have already conducted a private webinar for Autodesk with around 200 customers, keeping our technical team very busy on the chat boxes.

“You absolutely need to have experts who understand the Geotechnics Industry and that’s Keynetix. This is an extension that we really feel fills a critical gap within our Autodesk Civil 3D product and solution. It’s been a very, very successful extension; it’s been one of the most downloaded tools that we have. It’s also been one that I would say has received the most ongoing improvements per year.” Dave Simeone, Civil 3D Product Manager, Autodesk

Keynetix have also run prelaunch webinars for our Specialist Partners, Microsol and Applied Software. If you missed these preview webinars, they will be repeated, highlighting the benefits of using the new Geotechnical Module on Wednesday 28th June at 16:00 hours GMT, 11am EST.

Webinar: Mastering the New Features of the Geotechnical Module 2018 – Register Today

The Geotechnical Module is a cut down version of the HoleBASE SI Extension for AutoCAD Civil 3D. It can connect to HoleBASE SI to give the CAD and BIM team instant access to the centralized geotechnical data but will also work in a stand alone environment.


Export of 3D model from AutoCAD Civil 3D into Infraworks will be covered in the webinar

Webinar: Mastering the New Features of the Geotechnical Module 2018 – Register Today



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