Have you made the Step Change in AutoCAD Use?

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The recent launch of the HoleBASE SI Extension for AutoCAD 3D has produced a step change in the way you work with CAD not seen since the early 1990s.    In this article we discuss how the change affects your organisation and how you can benefit from an early adoption of this exciting new technology.

Originally KeyHOLE was developed back in the early 1990’s to automate the ‘production’ of 2D drawing logs in AutoCAD.  Over time a HoleBASE backend was added to it, but even so each time there were changes to the data, the drawing would have to be created from scratch again.  Even with these drawbacks, the software saved hours of engineering time in the production of 2D drawings.

With the rewriting of HoleBASE into HoleBASE SI we had the opportunity to embrace the new way of working with products such as AutoCAD Civil 3D. The main difference between the two is AutoCAD Civil 3D encourages you to build a model, from which drawings, calculations and design can be directly taken.

It is easy to see how this change in workflow makes your life much easier by considering how models are generated in the new system compared to the old one.

HoleBASE Civil Extension is a thinking tool and with AutoCAD Civil everything is dynamically connected to HoleBASE SI.  You simply connect a drawing to your project in HoleBASE SI and the surfaces and 3D boreholes are automatically created for you.  Once you have defined an alignment (section line in KeyHOLE terms) a profile is drawn for you with the layers and the boreholes on it.  When you move the section line the profile automatically updates.

You can even modify a surface using a number of tools in AutoCAD Civil 3D and your sections will automatically update – no need to redraw!  Finally if the engineer changes or adds data into HoleBASE then the model and all the geotechnical elements of the drawing, logs profiles and hatching will be updated dynamically.

This new, easy to use, environment now opens up AutoCAD to far more than the final presentation drawings we used KeyHOLE for in the past.  It does indeed represent a step change in the way our industry will use the AutoCAD environment.

This is such an exciting change in technology for Geotechnical engineers in AutoCAD, it was no surprise that the interest for learning more about it was at a record high.  Within days of releasing 86 places for Gary Morin and the Autodesk Teams workshop at this year’s Autodesk University in Vegas on the 3rd December, all of them were booked up.

If you are not one of those 86 and would like to learn more about AutoCAD Civil 3D then ….

We still have two places left on the Mastering HoleBASE SI Extension for AutoCAD Civil 3D on the 13th November.  This course will give you a fantastic grounding in the AutoCAD Civil 3D tools and the HoleBASE SI Extension.


We are running a 20 minute overview workshop on AutoCAD Civil 3D at our Annual User Group meeting on the 26th November.

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