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Here at Keynetix, the support and service our customers receive is our number one priority. We pride ourselves on being efficient at reacting to support enquiries, but we have identified the need to be more pro-active, not only solving problems for clients who contact us but helping other users to get more from their software.
With this in mind, we offer a range of services and training to help you maximise your use of Keynetix software and to get the most from your investment.
Free Training Webinars

We recently introduced Free Training Webinars, our webinars are to help customers maximise their use of Keynetix software and to get the most from their investment. The monthly webinar will cover a specific subject each month and gives our valid maintenance holders the opportunity to listen to the experts give top tips and tricks to assist in using Keynetix products more efficiently.  The session will be online and will last no more than 45 minutes including a time for questions.

The webinar will also give users who require a little more information or a one-to-one session for a particular problem, the opportunity to book a 15 minute slot with an expert in the Surgery that follows the webinar, irrespective if it’s the subject of the webinar or not.

For details of dates and subjects, please follow our events page and register your interest.

All Free Training Webinars are free to all our existing maintenance customers.

Borehole Template Design Service
Many of our customers use our software to assist with the collection of data and the reporting of such data to their customers.

However, sometimes some of this information can become lost in the transfer through nobody’s fault, just that the reporting templates do not match the current requirements.  If you could design your templates around specific customers and their requirements you would significantly increase the value of your logs to your clients.

Here at Keynetix, we recognise that sometimes people don’t have the time to sit and re-design templates because they are already stretched reacting to their customer’s needs.

This is why we have introduced our Borehole Template Service.  For a fixed fee, you can provide us with the report information and existing template you were using and our dedicated support team will implement a template within HoleBASE to reflect your exact requirement.

Remote Coaching for Individuals

Whilst we pride ourselves on the fact that you can be up and running with our software within 15 minutes, sometimes it is necessary to have a little bit more knowledge to find ways of doing things a bit slicker, therefore making your day just that little bit easier.

At Keynetix, we have implemented a series of services to try and assist with all levels of requirements from our customers.  One of these services is an hour’s online training direct with our experts; for people who are new to the Keynetix software or simply just want clarification or to brush up on their knowledge.

Remote Coaching enables you to learn faster and more easily from your own office.  You can be using your own computer, your own data and projects whilst we cover specific subjects that match your particular requirements.

For a fixed fee, this bespoke service from Keynetix is as effective as having an expert sitting right next to you showing you how to achieve your goals.  You’ll watch on-screen, talk with us on the telephone or via free VOIP and engage with your projects dynamically as we connect to your PC using a secured Internet connection, to get you on your way to a solution.  You will learn whilst we apply the software to your data and requirements.

All information remains on your own computer, protected by multiple levels of the highest security and remains completely private.  Access to your computer is granted only after your explicit permission.  You see all of our actions in real time and can either retain control or terminate the session at any time.

Data Management Check-Ups

Have you ever wished your processes were serving you, rather than the other way around?

At Keynetix, we recognise that sometimes our customers are so busy getting on with their day to day working that there is no time to improve the efficiency of their processes in order to give them savings on time and money.

At Keynetix we advise you to follow the three golden rules of data entry:

1.    Only do it once
2.    Get someone else to do it for you
3.    Ensure its captured as close to source as possible

With this in mind, we have started to carry out Data Management Check-Ups on behalf of our customers.  By going through your processes, we can establish whether or not your company are succeeding at making your processes work for you, rather than you working for your processes.  We can consider the pitfalls before they happen to ensure you avoid them and we can review how AGS could be best utilised.

For a set price, one of our experts can assist your company with a “Data Management Check-Up”.  We will sit down with you at your location and go through the way in which you run your systems and suggest ways in which you may be able to improve them, therefore effectively saving you time and money.

A detailed report will be produced for you, which you can then implement changes as appropriate.  If you need further assistance implementing these recommendations a package of On-Site Consultancy may fit your requirement.

Data Management Check-Ups are a half day service at your premises.

On-Site Consultancy

Ensuring you; our customer, receives the best from our software is of paramount importance to us here at Keynetix.

We have found that holding training courses away from customer offices are not always the most cost effective for customers as it means traveling and time spent away from the office.  We have therefore implemented a suite of services to offer training and advice for all levels of requirements

One of these services is our On-Site Consultancy.  This service can be as generic or bespoke as you require it to be.  We can provide one of our experts to come to your offices and train your staff on exactly how to use your Keynetix software.  This service could be used for many requirements, for example if you have already benefited from of our Data Management Check-Up’s, several actions may have been identified that are required to assist with streamlining your data capture and subsequent output.

Given that most companies are already working to full capacity, it may not be practical to assume that you have the resources to carry these amendments out, even if they will ultimately save you time and money.  That is where our On-Site Consultancy would benefit you.

For a fixed fee, we will arrange for one of our key experts to visit your site and implement the changes identified within your own systems to ensure you are maximising the use of your Keynetix software, giving you the full benefit of the return on your investment that you would expect.

Here at Keynetix, we want to ensure you are capitalising on the full range of benefits that our software can provide.  If our On-Site Consultancy can further educate your staff, or ensure all your systems and templates reflect the expertise and knowledge within your company or even do both; then we believe it is the logical choice for our existing customers.

If you are using Keynetix products for the first time, our on-site consultancy can help give your business a flying start, we can train your staff, install and configure the system for you to make you productive right from day one.



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