Keynetix Webinars Return in January for 6th Series

Please note that the following news item is an archived article. Therefore any links and information may now be out of date.


Like all good shows, the Keynetix webinars are back for another series and this time the storylines have been chosen by our users.

The set of 4 webinars will run on Fridays in January 2014.  The topics where chosen based on the feedback from our customers at this year’s UGM meeting in Birmingham and cover a wide range of subjects from laboratory scheduling and AGS 4 as well as short webinars on how to use HoleBASE SI and HoleBASE SI Extension for Microsoft Excel.

The webinars will be recorded and made available for registered delegates to watch again for our customers who’s time zones do not allow them to watch the events live.  So even if you are not able to attend on the day we recommend you register now so you get access to the recording after the event.

Jan 10th 3pm GMT – What’s new in HoleBASE SI release 1.0.16.x
registerbuttonThis webinar will cover the new features added into the latest release of HoleBASE SI and HoleBASE SI Extension for Microsoft Excel and will include demonstrations of all the new features.

Jan 17th 3pm GMT – Introduction to AGS4
registerbuttonWith the High Speed 2 (HS2) rail project in the UK specifying AGS 4 data as a deliverable for all its site investigation contracts the new version of the AGS format looks finally ready to take off in the UK. The webinar will cover the differences between AGS 3.1 and AGS 4 and show how customers can prepare for this important upgrade to AGS.

Jan 24th 3pm GMT – Electronic Laboratory Scheduling – Demonstration and Discussion
registerbuttonThis webinar will cover and demonstrate the tools available and discuss the pros and cons of electronic scheduling carrying on from the lively workshops at our recent User Group meeting. The webinar will conclude with a discussion on how customers, clients, laboratories and Keynetix move this hot topic forward.

Jan 31st 3pm GMT – Getting started with the HoleBASE SI Extension for Microsoft Excel
registerbuttonThis webinar will cover a brief overview of how the HoleBASE SI Extension for Microsoft Excel works and what the main features are. This is ideal for users who have not used this tool before.