Keynetix Webinars Series 8

Please note that the following news item is an archived article. Therefore any links and information may now be out of date.

13_12_03After the huge success of January’s webinars series with over 350 people registering we were even more pleased to see over 400 people register for our 7th webinar series in March.

Now we are back with Series 8 and although this is just a short series of 3 webinars the quality of the content is first class and they will be packed with over half an hour of valuable training for HoleBASE SI, Extension for AutoCAD Civil 3D and KeyLAB.

Remember that a recording of each webinar will be available for 7 days afterwards providing you register before the event.  So even if you are having a Friday afternoon off or we have scheduled them in the middle of your night (sorry NZ customers) then you can still benefit from these excellent free training sessions.

Don’t wait any longer – simply click on the webinars that interest you below and register today.

registerbuttonJune 6th 2pm – What’s new in HoleBASE SI Build 1.20.x – We have completed almost another man year of development on the HoleBASE SI suite of products since our last release; just 3 months ago and we have got lots of new and exciting improvements to show you in this webinar.

registerbuttonJune 13th 2pm – Introduction to 3D Geotechnical and Geology Modelling in AutoCAD Civil 3D – This is one of our most requested webinars by the audience of the last webinar series and Gary Morin will be showing off his skills and techniques with the help of a preview of the new version of HoleBASE SI Extension for AutoCAD Civil 3D.

registerbuttonJune 20th 2pm – Designing Worksheets and Reports in KeyLAB – KeyLAB offers you amazing flexibility in how you design your worksheets and reports, this webinar will give you a flying start in adapting your own spreadsheets and setting them up, so that they are operational within your KeyLAB system.

Never been to one of our free webinars?  Don’t worry, they are easy to attend or watch the recording and we guarantee to show you something you did not know was possible with your software.