Movember with the Keynetix Support Team

Please note that the following news item is an archived article. Therefore any links and information may now be out of date.


This year in an act of camaraderie, the Keynetix support team will be extending support to the Movember men’s health movement.  However, this is going to go beyond the usual remote meetings or charitable giving – we, as a team, are committed to ‘grow our own’.  There will be no stick-ons in our camp – the three of us will be sporting real McCoy moustaches.  Here is a breakdown of our ambitions:


Martyn ‘lounge lizard’ Collis – supplement the usual fuzzy chin with a fine waxed handlebar.  Perfectly fitting for our debonair front-liner.  What o’ chaps!

Steve ‘baby face’ Evason – anything, really – we’re not expecting much on what appears to be something of a barren landscape.  Seriously, we’ll settle for a couple of overlong nasal hairs as the prognosis is not good.

Phil ‘park bench’ Child – would love to go for a Zappa but can foresee technical difficulties.  To be honest, Movember will actually see more (precision!) shaving than usual, Phil often sporting the look of a man who knows little about where he woke up and even less about what he did the night before.

support team

Clearly we’re going to be looking even more foolish than usual through-out the month and this is a pretty grand statement in its own right.  Coincidentally this year’s User Group Meeting happens to fall at the end of Movember so you can come along and admire our progress (or lack of it).  Furthermore, those of your who are involved in onsite training between now and then will be able to see a live visual documentation of our commitment on the face of your trainer!  Alternatively, you can follow our team page where we intend to post our irregular photos on an irregular basis.

Of course, Movember at its core is just a fun way of dealing with a serious issue.  As such, we would like to extend our thanks in advance to all those who feel able to fund our face fungusyour support is much appreciated.