Spring 2010 Free Online Seminars – Register Today

Please note that the following news item is an archived article. Therefore any links and information may now be out of date.

We are pleased to announce the schedule for our Spring 2010 free online seminar programme.  Our online seminars are open to all and take place between 2- 3pm on the days listed below.

30th April: “Dancing with Data”
Professor Paul Nathanail will lead us through an interactive discussion on the role of data analysis compared to statistical evaluation of data for contaminated land management purposes. He will focus on the role and limitations of the conceptual model, sector specific statistical guidance and the advantages of a detailed analysis of data in gaining a better understanding of the site circumstances. He uses a dancing analogy to illustrate how different dances reveal different aspects of your partner’s character and personality.

14th May: “Equal Opportunities for CAD and GIS users: Open Access to Open Data”
There was a time when CAD and GIS professionals, working for the same company, needed separate resources. Information was purchased and reformatted to give access to separate users of different software. Sometimes information was purchased twice! With the arrival of open source information and intelligent data access software such as AutoZoomPro, CAD and GIS professionals can now share a single cost-effective data store. To help your business to make the most of its resources, join us for this Webinar hosted by our resident AutoCAD Map expert, Gary Morin. This session will focus on open source information for AutoCAD users and aims to ensure that Open Data opens doors for your organisation.

21st May:  “Using Team GIS to store, retrieve and share your geotechnical data”
We are used to having information at our fingertips when we are online, but is this always the case with our company resources? This webinar will explore different ways in which information can be saved, shared and archived using simple online technology. The session will cover data formats, data security and online data sharing, showing how KeySpatial utilises the simple everyday internet skills that most people have to improve a company’s GI skills, improve data presentation and save time and money.
25th May: “AutoCAD 2011: an Introduction to New Features”
A free online webinar, presented in association with KeySCAPE and Key Systems, providing an overview of the new functionality provided by AutoCAD 2011.  The webinar will look at both 2D and 3D aspects of the product and will provide an opportunity to ask questions.  An hour in duration, delegates will be eligible for a discount on selected AutoCAD training courses.
28th May: “Conceptual Site Models are evolving! Take your conceptual site models to the next level”
Judith Nathanail joins us for this online seminar to provide an update on how her conceptual site models have developed and improved over the past couple of years. Judith will explain a solid approach to building a conceptual site model and share some tips on the best way to develop and maintain a model. Judith will illustrate her talk with examples of models she has built using KeyCSM software.

4th June: “Dealing with high volume environmental data: Reduce data errors and improve your efficiency”
Have you wasted time and money trying to iron out data discrepancies with your laboratory? Do you struggle to access your company’s data reports? Are you a laboratory that wishes clients could be more precise in their requirements when they ask for sample analyses? If so, this webinar will help you as we discuss the best ways in which to ensure that data is correct and fit for purpose first time, every time. During the session we will cover inbound and outbound data standards, automated data checking and report generation using EQuIS 5.

11th June: ” The most powerful and underused feature in Excel”
For a year now our self proclaimed Excel geek (Dr Roger Chandler) has been running the Excel Masterclass for Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineers at Keynetix and it has proved to be one of our most popular courses over that period.

If you have never used a pivot table in Excel – or have no idea what a “Pivot table” actually is – then this online seminar is a must as it will save an hour the first time you use it!
Pivot tables are used to give statistics and grouping information for a set of data and can be used from anything from project cost spreadsheets to production of BoQ or even just getting a quick view of what information your data contains.

It is one of the most popular sections on the Masterclass course and Roger is going to deliver it live to your desk for no charge.  There will be a example spreadsheets given out at the end of the seminar of you to immediately practice on and a section for questions and answers so you will be able to dig deeper into your pivot table requirements.
18th June: “Using Team GIS to search, analyse and share your environmental information”
Do you know what information your company holds in its archived files and folders? Can you easily retrieve information purchased by a colleague who may be in another office? Could you easily publish your clients’ projects online? If the answer to any or all of these questions is “no”, this webinar will provide you with thoughts and ideas on how joined up information storage and sharing will benefit your business. This session will provide straightforward tips on avoiding data duplication and expensive re-purchase of reports, information storage and retrieval and data publishing to colleagues and clients.



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