The Keynetix Webinars Series 9 Starts This Friday

Please note that the following news item is an archived article. Therefore any links and information may now be out of date.

13_12_03After the huge success of  our 3 webinar series so far this year we have managed to generate nearly 1000 delegate views on our webinars.  With the launch of HoleBASE SI 1.22.0.x we are dedicating the whole of our 9th series to the new features in this build and the two new products that go with it, Template Studio and Extension for AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Remember that a recording of each webinar will be available for 7 days afterwards providing you register before the event.  So even if you are having a Friday afternoon off or we have scheduled them in the middle of your night (sorry NZ customers) then you can still benefit from these excellent free training sessions.

Don’t wait any longer – simply click on the webinars that interest you below and register today.

registerbuttonSeptember 26th 3pm – Mapping and Project Management in HoleBASE SI – To launch our 9th Series of webinars we will be showing off some of the new Project mapping and management options in the HoleBASE SI Build 1.22.0.x. The webinar will include the following: Web Mapping Services, System Level Mapping, Project Management and AGS Importing.

registerbuttonOctober 3rd 3pm – Working With Chemical and Geotechnical Laboratories – Over the years we have been helping labs and clients work together using electronic data transfer. The latest version of HoleBASE SI has some great features to help clients and labs work together even better and it is also great to see a number of labs now offering AGS 4 data. We are co-hosting this webinar with Alcontrol and it certainly looks like it may be one of the best this year.

registerbuttonOctober 10th 3pm – Designing Log Templates with Template Studio – After man years of development Template Studio is finally released to all users and to celebrate its launch we are doing 30 minutes of training and questions on line.

registerbuttonOctober 16th 3pm – Revolutionise your CAD modelling with HoleBASE SI Extension for AutoCAD – During this webinar you will learn how to:- Create 3D borehole representations, Create AutoCAD Civil surfaces based on any parameter in the database, Create dynamic sections and Create contour plots and point maps based on any number of criteria (and yes you can do all of this in 30 minutes with the Extension for AutoCAD Civil 3D): Please note this webinar is on Thursday and not Friday

Never been to one of our free webinars?  Don’t worry, they are easy to attend or watch the recording and we guarantee to show you something you did not know was possible with your software.