Autodesk® Geotechnical Module Companion Products

Go beyond the Geotechnical Module

Upgrade to HoleBASE SI and it’s extension for AutoCAD Civil 3D to add advanced functionality for updating, sharing and visualizing geotechnical data

Production of drawings and models are much faster with the dynamic connection and updating of HoleBASE SI and AutoCAD Civil 3D using the HoleBASE SI Extension for AutoCAD Civil 3D.

The connection even allows you to automate the updating of your drawings and models as you get new data, allowing you to see updates to your model as they are entered into HoleBASE SI.


Advantages of the HoleBASE SI Extension for AutoCAD Civil 3D


Multiple users can work on the same project and share drawings over different machines removing the Geotechnical Module limitation of just working on the local computer.


Effortless Updates

With HoleBASE SI it is easy to refine your geotechnical data, add, edit or delete and see it propagate into your drawings with no redrafting.

Advance log strips

Custom log strips for use on plan and profile views displaying any down hole data, from SPT N values, water strikes, through to contamination levels.


Advanced Visualization

Quickly create point groups and surfaces from any down hole information in HoleBASE SI to visualize and understand geotechnical data in context.


State-of-the-art geotechnical knowledge management

HoleBASE SI will help you stay in control of your geotechnical project data and streamline reporting throughout every stage of a site investigation.

HoleBASE SI Standard allows you to produce your logs, data and reports quickly and easily. Its multiple import formats and customisable data entry profiles allow your team to enter the data only once, whether onsite or back in the office. It’s scalable and affordable to both small independent contractors and large multinational consultants.

HoleBASE SI Professional extends the functionality of HoleBASE SI Standard with the addition of Integrated GIS, Sections, Data Triggers and a licence of the HoleBASE SI Extension for Microsoft Excel. These additional features extend HoleBASE SI from a reporting system to a planning and analysis tool.


Data Entry

• Fully customisable data entry profiles
• Data validation and spell checking
• Soil description builder
• Import KeyLogbook data files
• CSV, AGS3.1/4, gINT, GEODASY, pLog

Desk Study

• View your project archive spatially
• Link to online datasets using WMS
• Integrated BGS borehole logs viewer
• Link to spatial datasets in SHP or DXF
• Position locations for survey teams

Data Management

• Data mining (filter / order / group)
• Location groups and saved searches
• Flexible data model
• Pick list and abbreviations management
• Excel style expression syntax
• Advanced calculated fields
• Integrated document management

Report Production

• Fast graphical log preview
• Batch printing of logs to PDF
• Supports logs, summary sheets and charts
• Text, graphics, photograph and logo support
• Report views for executive summaries
• Import and transfer log templates
• Customise templates using Template Studio

Integrated GIS

• Project and borehole locations mapping
• Support for DXF, SHP and WMS
• Spatial analysis and Dot Plot overlays
• Flexible Site Plan generation
• Licence of Microsoft Bing Mapping


• User Access Management
• Flexible Groups & Roles
• Centralised SQL Server Database
• Multiple project support
• Global network licences available


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