Sharing and utilizing geotechnical data is at the core of everything we do at Keynetix and this is why we have been an active member of the DIGGSml project since 2005.

The DIGGS project has made significant progress in 2014 under the guidance of the Geo-Institute and we have continued to dedicate significant staff time free of charge to this exciting project. To help with the implementation of the latest version of DIGGS we have produced a tool that links Microsoft Excel to the DIGGS web server and allows pilot testers to create DIGGS files using only Microsoft Excel.

We have found this tool invaluable during our testing of the DIGGS schema and so we have decided to make it available to other members of the DIGGS community free of charge.

The DIGGS Feedback Tool, developed by Keynetix, is available free of charge to anyone who is pilot testing DIGGS. To receive your free copy of the tool simply complete your details below and we will email you a link to download it.



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