Small Steps Webinar Series 4 – Recording and Maintaining Geological Classifications

Date(s): 5 Oct 2018 to 5 Oct 2018
13:00 – 14:00
Location: Online

The Small Steps webinars this year are focussed on increasing efficiency in all of your workflows and they will take place the first Friday of every month.

In the next of our Small Steps Series Webinars, the consultancy team will focus on “Recording and Maintaining Geological Classifications”.

The manner in which geological material is characterised, clearly underpins the entire development of a ground model.  Lynchpins of the interactive modelling process geology codes – and related columns of data – form an invaluable way of expressing interpretation.

In this webinar we will be considering the practical applications of geology codes – for consultants and contractors – as well as other columns of data which might typically be used in a similar manner.

How such picklists are setup and maintained, or how the implications for these are controlled for the purposes of output, will all be covered in this webinar.  Therefore, you’ll gain a sound understanding of why geology codes are important and what recording them enables you to do.

This is a live 30 minute webinar and will start promptly at 1pm BST. By attending live you will have the benefit of the live question and answer sessions during the webinar as well as having constant access to the Keynetix experts via the chat and question boxes. This webinar will be available via “watch again” for 7 days to anyone who has registered before the event starts

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Course code: SSWRMGC
Cost per delegate: 0
Capacity: 150