Outsource your 3D Visualisation and CAD output

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Enzdata_resizedForWebsiteKeynetix are excited to announce their partnership with Kent Langdon from Enzdata. This partnership will assist Keynetix customers who wish to maximise their use of 3D visualisations and clearly presented CAD drawings.

3D visualisations and clearly illustrated CAD drawings can make a huge difference when presenting your findings to your client or team members. Kent Langdon has been working with large consultancies to produce these outputs for over 20 years and now, as a Keynetix Partner, is offering his services to Keynetix customers allowing them to benefit from 3D and CAD skills without having the expense and challenge of hiring permanent staff, or having to invest in additional software.

Kent is a long standing user and associate of Keynetix. We started working with him while he was working at Mott Macdonald in the UK back in 2001 where his use of AutoCAD Civil 3D attracted the attention of both his employers and staff at Keynetix even at this early stage.

Kent has been using AutoCAD Civil 3D ever since and has now returned to New Zealand where he has been assisting customers in the adoption of Keynetix software for the last 4 years. During this time Kent has worked on a number of projects where his 3D Visualisation and CAD skills have once again set him head and shoulders above others.

Tunnel 02

“Kent has a unique skill set as he understands geotechnical data management and is highly proficient in AutoCAD Civil 3D and HoleBASE SI. It is always a pleasure to recommend Kent to our customers via our Technical Specialist Network as I know Kent will exceed the customer’s requirements for 3D visualisation or Civil 3D training. Kent is simply one of the best AutoCAD Civil 3D users I have worked with.” said Roger Chandler, Managing Director at Keynetix.


“I am passionate about 3D modelling and CAD and I looking forward to working with Keynetix customers from around the world.” said Kent Langdon, 3D Data Consultant at Enzdata. “Having specialised in the area of 3D Visualisation and geotechnical data management over the last 15 years I have been involved in some great projects and look forward to sharing this experience with other Keynetix users via our Technical Specialist Partnership.”

Kent’s has recently completed a major project that involved the 3D Model of 5km twin bore tunnels together with existing underground structures, 13000 ‘existing city model’ buildings geological surfaces and thousands of 3D geotechnical borehole objects in Hong Kong. 

His other recent work has included 3D data visualisation (point cloud datasets) for mining technology in Australia; AGS data management & AGS data creation as part of the massive Christchurch Rebuild drilling program in Canterbury, New Zealand and Revit modelling for prefabricated construction in Auckland, and Land Development design, Hamilton.


“I’m very impressed with Kent’s all round skills and understanding for Geotechnical Data Management. He understands the methods and workflows required to help maximise efficiency while reducing errors in data. “ said Gary Morin, Technical Director and Geotechnical BIM Expert at Keynetix “Kent also has excellent AutoCAD Civil 3D models skills, he is able to convert geotechnical data into stunning visualisation.”

If you are interested in learning more about how Kent can help you, we recommend that you contact him via his LinkedIn page at https://www.linkedin.com/in/enzdata  or alternatively contact Keynetix and we will be happy to help you understand how Kent can help you on your current project.




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