4 New Webinars Announced

Please note that the following news item is an archived article. Therefore any links and information may now be out of date.

Baby foot prints all colors of the rainbow.Registration is now open for four new webinars that will be run on Friday lunchtime throughout April.  The feedback to the first batch of webinars has far exceeded our expectations with 100% of the attendees who provided feedback saying that they would recommend the webinars to their colleagues and 94% of attendees rating the webinars as “Excellent”.

The four topics have all been requested by attendees of the first webinars and we will continue to use this feedback loop when we schedule the webinars for May.
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  1. Every Picture Tells a Story – How to Incoporate Photographs into your HoleBASE SI Reports
  2. Supercharge your Mapping – Free Sources, Existing Files and Easy Navigation
  3. Top Tips for Geological Modelling with AutoCAD Civil 3D
  4. The Important Golden Rule of Data Entry – Get Someone Else to Do It!



For more information and registration please visit the webinars page

If you are still not sure if the webinars will benefit you, then here are just some of the comments we have received from the attendees so far:-

“The webinar content has been very good.  The delivery of the sessions in 30 min slots works well.”  Ian Lewis – Principal Geotechnical Engineer – Ramboll

“So far they have touched on points that will help speed up our day to day use of Keynetix products.  The Webinar on Table Linking was extremely useful, as this is something we have been trying to achieve for a while now.” – Michelle Hetherington – Engineering Geologist – Mott MacDonald

“The webinar content is exceptionally useful to me, improving my understanding and knowledge of the capabilities of HoleBASE SI.” Matthew Pickering – Project Engineer – Aspin Group

“The content is spot on for enhancing regular use to make things easier and more user friendly without overloading us with too much information.  Being able to watch the presentations again at our leisure will be invaluable, in case we forget aspects.” Laura Legate – Senior Consulting Engineer – GESL

“I like the format a great deal, 30 minutes is a good timeframe without taking up a big block of my time.  The content has been very good so far, very defined goals on what will be demonstrated.  A good overview of the capabilities of the software.” – Randy Post – Senior Project Geotechnical Engineer – Golder Associates USA

“The webinars are very useful to someone like myself as I have only been using HoleBASE SI for a small length of time.  The webinars provide an oversight of the key functionality of the program.” Haroon Nazir – Graduate Geotechnical Engineer – Pell Frishmann