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Increasing Laboratory efficiency and value
of laboratory data by maximising the use
of common Data Formats

Managing laboratory test data can be time consuming and expensive, especially if inefficient systems are resulting in double or triple entry of data.  The introduction and requirement to produce AGS data on the majority of construction projects in the UK, coupled with tough economic conditions have forced UK laboratories to increase their efficiency dramatically.

This paper and accompanying presentation will discuss the merits of AGS data, introduce the two golden rules for data entry and illustrate how AGS data and the golden rules can help laboratories increase their efficiency if implemented correctly.  Finally, the benefits will be demonstrated using KeyLAB, the UK’s leading geotechnical laboratory management package.

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    • The paper and presentation has been uploaded to Slideshare and  also be downloaded  in PDF formats using the links below

    Paper    – PDF  /  Slideshare                        Presentation –  PDF  /  Slideshare

    • The Laboratory Scheduler  application used in the demonstrations is part of the KeyAGS Free Version and can be downloaded from the KeyAGS pages on this site.
    • The latest versions of the AGS documentation can be downloaded from the AGS website at
    • Information can be found on KeyLAB from the KeyLAB pages on this website or from the KeyLAB pages on our video knowledgebase.
    • The full presentation has been uploaded to Youtube and links to the vidoes included below.
    • I regularly write articles for and for thegeotechnica magazine both which are free to read.
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Thank you for such a warm welcome at the conference and congratulations to everyone involved in organising it – a fantastic event and we will definately be back for the next one!

I look forward to returning to Australia and New Zealand shortly.


Roger Chandler

Presentation as made in Brisbane – Part 1

Presentation as made in Brisbane – Part 2



Presentation as made in Brisbane – Part 3