Autodesk Geotechnical Module 2019 Released

The latest version of Autodesk’s Geotechnical Module features a number of improvements to enable users to update models easily and customise data presentation for even the most complex projects.

Autodesk Civil 3D Product Manager Dave Simeone said the module was one of the product’s most downloaded tools. “It fills a critical gap within Autodesk Civil 3D. It has been a very, very successful extension.”

A major improvement to the module means, for the first time, users can update existing borehole information, said Keynetix Technical Director Gary Morin. “Previous versions allowed new data to be imported into a project but did not allow the updating of existing information.

“The update solves this problem by adding the ability, within the location manager, to select one or more boreholes and then remove them from the project. An updated version of the borehole data can then be imported and automatically included in models and profiles.”

There are also a number of new features to allow users to customise drawings, Morin added.

“Sometimes geological representations (strips) draw over each other when boreholes are close together. Users can now move strips to a more convenient position and lock them in position, which will not change when drawings are updated.”

moving boreholes geotechnical Module

Updating moved Borehole Strips is easy in the Geotechnical Module 2019 – Click to watch

The Strata Manager has been updated to allow strata order to be changed to match layers without borehole information, which Morin said would be particularly useful on larger projects with complex geology, when having a fixed strata order can become confusing.

“Like other options within the new version, the interface is easy to use. Users just select the required strip and click the ‘Order by selected strip’ button,” he said.

Users can also create their own geological legend keys to include descriptions, codes and hatching for the whole range of layering options available in the module.

Legends are now automatically created in Geotechnical Module 2019

Finally, there are improvements to profile generation. Profiles can now be created without any borehole information included; the initial datum includes borehole depths to ensure the base of the profile fits correctly; strips on the profile can be locked and users can filter hatches to only show those used on the current project.

Licensed by Keynetix to Autodesk, the Geotechnical Module is a free add-on to AutoCAD Civil 3D. It is a cut down version of HoleBASE SI Extension and can connect to HoleBASE SI to give CAD and BIM teams instant access to centrally-held geotechnical data.

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The new version of the Geotechnical Module can be downloaded from users’ Autodesk Management Console

Visit your Autodesk Management Console to download this build –