BGS Connect and BGS AGS Support Added to HoleBASE

Keynetix have released new builds of HoleBASE SI that contain more new features than any upgrade ever has; including features that will help all users regardless of their experience level of HoleBASE SI.

“The development and testing team have accomplished a great deal over the last 6 months” said Carl Grice, Keynetix Development Director “with some fundamental changes including multi unit support that are proving a big hit with American and Canadian customers together with UK based capability enhancements for the handling of AGS data to and from the BGS”

The upgrade includes 32 new features which are listed on the Keynetix Assist pages. Three of the big highlights are detaled below:-

Support for BGS Connect and AGS data

The BGS connect and BGS AGS support was presented by Rachel Dearden from the BGS at the Keynetix User Conference in November.  novation at the BGS enables HoleBASE SI users to find and download mapping and AGS data held at the BGS using the simple mapping interface.  This much requested feature will hopefully change the way the UK industry using the fantastic data archive that the BGS hosts.

“Working with Keynetix has helped us immensely. “ said Rachel at the User Conference “Keynetix were instrumental in getting an Innovate UK grant to make this happen.  They are fun to work with, they do things when they say they are going to do it and they are very proactive.  We are very grateful to have the opportunity to work with Keynetix on this project“

Multi Unit Support

For years, customers who work in multiple unit systems have struggled with the best way to implement both units in HoleBASE SI or the competitors.  With this new build, every field can be displayed or edited in either its primary unit or a specified secondary unit.  You can even import AGS and CSV data in any units and HoleBASE SI will do the conversion to your specified primary unit.

Smarter Log Templates

Multiple improvements have been made to the Template Studio application, including the introduction of Strips Sets and Master Logs.  This exciting new feature allows users to change the columns that are displayed on a log during a project but enables the system administrators to enforce standardization – for more information you can watch our small steps webinar from Febuary.

One of the hotly awaited new features is the Template Studio Clipboard feature.

“I am delighted to see the introduction of a clipboard feature within Template Studio” said Steve Evason, Consultant at Keynetix.  “This one feature may appear small but when you are designing templates it is a life saver and will save our users a lot of time.”

Template studio has also been upgraded with Watermark and Themed Bar charts.


The upgrade is free to users with a valid maintenance agreement or subscription and can be downloaded from here