Chemtest launches new Chemsolutions Connector for HoleBASE SI

Environmental testing company Chemtest’s Chemsolutions Connector for HoleBASE SI will save time and minimise errors when scheduling environmental testing for site investigations.

“The Chemsolutions extension allows users to to carry out all test scheduling and downloading of results without ever having to leave HoleBASE SI,” explained Keynetix Managing Director Roger Chandler.

Sample information and test scheduling data is entered into a HoleBASE SI project and then sent directly to Chemtest via the connector, which allows users to choose which Chemtest-specific tests, or suites of tests, they want carried out on each sample. Chemsolutions enables users to keep track of progress and, once testing is complete, to import the results back into HoleBASE SI.

“The Chemsolutions connector for HoleBASE SI meets two of our golden rules of data management: only enter data once and/or get someone else to do it,” Chandler said. “This will reduce errors – as there can only be one reference for each sample – and will speed up the entire process. It will also save time for entire project team, as data will be in a format compatible with a wide range of software packages, including AutoCAD Civil 3D and Excel.”

Chemtest HoleBASE SI Webinar

A webinar is being run on the 7th November at 1 pm to show users how to use this new functionality – Registration is free and a recording of the webinar will be available to everyone who registers even if they are not able to attend on the day.  Register for Webinar

The Chemsolutions Connector for HoleBASE SI was launched at the Keynetix User Conference on 14 October 2018. For more information visit the Chemtest website

The benefits of the Chemtest / HoleBASE SI Connector