DIGGS, Rigs and Sunshine at IFCEE

Our Managing Director, Roger Chandler, has just returned from the US national geotechnical conference in Florida where he assisted our Premier Partner, Dataforensics, on their booth.

ADSC-The International Association of Foundation Drilling, DFI (Deep Foundations Institute), G-I (Geo-Institute of American Society of Civil Engineers), and PDCA (Pile Driving Contractors Association) joined forces this year for the International Foundations Congress and Equipment Expo (IFCEE).

Keynetix started sending members of staff to this conference in 2006 and this is the 5th time we have exhibited at it. The conference always enables us to meet with our existing customers, meet new ones and discuss the main data concerns of the American Geotechnical Engineers.

Dataforensics and Keynetix booth at IFCEE

Dataforensics and Keynetix booth at IFCEE

“The booth was the busiest I have ever seen it at this conference” said Roger, “the conference was 4 days long and each day saw a flow of new visitors to the booth.  Both Dataforensics and Keynetix made some great new contacts and it is a good reminder that in this social media driven world there is still nothing better than face to face conversations over coffee or beer”.

This year there was a DIGGS focused panel session which saw around 60 people discuss all aspects of geotechnical data.  Bauers illustrated how some of their piling rigs now have 9 computers on board and gave an excellent view on the importance of collecting data and how they are keen to support international formats such as DIGGS and IFCs.  The DIGGS data format was front and centre during the session with 4 companies demonstrating how they are now creating DIGGS format and a lot of discussion on whether DIGGS will help data become more available and could even enable the start of a national database of geotechnical data.   Keynetix have been supporters of the DIGGS format since the first meeting in 2005 and it is great to see the format finally being used and positively discussed.

As the show was combined with the PDCA it meant that the carpark of the Hilton Hotel was turned into an amazing drilling showground with drilling and piling rigs from all over the world on display.  Helped by constant sunshine, this was an ideal opportunity to escape the air conditioning and admire these amazing machines.

Roger will be going back out to the USA in the next couple of weeks where he will be presenting at the GBA Spring Conference in Chicago.