Geotechnica 2017 – The Biggest so far – Our Review

The vibe at this year’s Geotechnica was electric, with customers from all over the country coming to visit us there were several times during the two days that we were rushed off our feet on the Keynetix stand.

As promised, we had our live “Keynetix Assist Bar” there and our experts were kept very busy, training, coaching and helping our users make steps forward in their data management efficiency.  We were delighted with the number of customers that took us up on our free consultancy sessions and it was great to help so many people on the stand.


Rosalind Lockley had joined the Keynetix Team a week before found the show extremely useful. “With my background in Geology, I was fascinated by all the different sectors that exhibited and it was great to be given the chance to be exposed to their work in the field rather than just on PowerPoint slides. The opportunity to have companies from every stage of the geotechnical journey in one place (from drillers such as Casagrande, In Situ and Geosonic, to lab analysts at ALS and DETS, engineers at Van Elle and Fugro, and many others such as the BGS and new innovators like Ambisense) is something invaluable to someone starting off new in the sector.  Getting to hear from the founders and employees directly and relating their projects and services back to the work we do at Keynetix really solidified the connections for me.”


If you missed the chance to have a free session at the Keynetix Assist Bar then you will be glad to know that we will be repeating the opportunity at the Keynetix User Conference in November

With such a buzz at this year’s conference, we are already anticipating next year’s event

Here are just a few of the people we met with during the exhibition

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