Getting Started Video Guide Now Available for Template Studio

Our Template Studio Guru, Steve Evason, has just released a brand new series of Getting Started videos, ideal for both new and experienced Template Studio users.


The videos are available free of charge to all users of Keynetix products with a valid maintenance agreement or subscription and are available on our Keynetix Assist site and for our customers on our Cloud Assist site.


The 55 minutes Getting Started video guide has been split up into 23 short videos ranging between one and four minutes in length, enabling you to dive straight into the topics of most interest.

  • Working with Templates
  • The Different Parts of a Borehole Log
  • Styling your Template
  • Combined Templates
  • Site Plans
  • Strips
  • Quick Sections
  • AutoCAD Civil Sections
  • Master Templates
  • Working with Tables
  • Working with Bar Charts
  • Working with Graphs
  • The Clipboard
  • Depth Related Text Information
  • Depth Related Graphics
  • Header Area Features
  • Working with Images
  • Filter Groups
  • Expressions
  • Watermarks
  • Header Data Text
  • Quick Saves
  • Grouping and Ordering Columns

Want More?

Steve will appear with Oliver and Phil on our monthly webinar this Friday covering troubleshooting in Template Studio.  That is over one and a half hours of new and free Template Studio training delivered in one week!

Want someone to do it for you?

Do you wish Steve, Oliver or Phil could do all the work for you?  If you ask them nicely, they will!  Use the contact form to tell us what you want, and they will call you back to discuss.