HoleBASE Template Migration

Please note that the following news item is an archived article. Therefore any links and information may now be out of date.

With an ever growing number of users seeking to get started with the next generation of HoleBASE, so too is the demand for templates to be carried over from the old to the new.  Naturally, a tool to allow you to design your own HoleBASE SI templates is planned in the form of the Template Studio but it is not likely to be available until the autumn.  This clearly creates a short term obstacle to full implementation.  So what are Keynetix doing to help users migrate their templates?

As a part of your Maintenance Agreement we will assist by converting up to four of your HoleBASE 3.1 logs for use with HoleBASE SI.  Of course, this doesn’t sound like many – review the list of templates you may have available under the HoleBASE3.1 Form Production centre, for example – but with a little discernment this is likely to be sufficient for the majority of our users.  Due to the more flexible nature of the HoleBASE SI interface some modification to the logs is possible within the main program.  Consider the following, for example:

  • Do I currently have several versions of the same template each with a different scale set so I can PDF them easily?
  • Do I have a number of templates for which the only difference is the appropriate client’s logo in the header?
  • Will the default template suffice if I can work out how to change my company address?

In HoleBASE 3.1 these types of changes have often resulted in duplicate log templates.  However, this is simply unnecessary under HoleBASE SI as all the above variations can be made from the same – possibly default – template.  Of course, there might be other criteria but these are often perceived as requiring a new template when in reality they do not.

Having established which templates you require please prepare the following files for each:

  • A HBF file*.  Use the ‘Export’ button in the Visual Form Designer.
  • A PDF showing the template with the data from a representative hole displayed.  This should be a ‘final log’, typical of the kind you might submit to your client, complete with any logos.  If the file doesn’t show all the data represented by the log an additional PDF from another hole which provides a good example of the remainder would be preferred.  Alternatively, annotate the PDF manually.
  • An AGS file (‘File | AGS Export’ within HoleBASE3.1) for any of the holes which provide the data displayed in your PDF examples.
  • Any logos you would like us to use on the logs

Providing these resources for each individual required template will help us not only migrate the log but check and validate the results.  Once you have them to hand ensure the files have representative names, .zip them up and send them through to support@keynetix.com.  Please put “HoleBASESI Template Migration:” and then your company name in the subject.

The process of log migration can be quite involved, calling on a number of members of the team to design, prepare and QA your templates.  We’ve temporarily expanded our team to deal with the demand but nonetheless users should expect a significant wait before HoleBASE SI templates can be provided.  In some unusual situations we may have to ask you to wait for a future release or recommend a future implementation under the Excel extension although this only tends to be the case in quite specialist circumstances.  As a rule of thumb, we will be dealing with the templates on a first-come first-served basis, so with a number of our users already on the list it is important to consider your templates and submit the resources at your earliest opportunity.

Note that this service is provided as a part of the annual Maintenance Agreement to help existing users migrate their current HoleBASE3.1 templates to HoleBASESI.  Therefore, requests for new templates are not covered by this limited time offer.  New templates may be requested through our premium design service, however.

*Users who have paid for bespoke template design work previously may not have access to vFORMS.  Such users should submit the ‘Forms’ folder from their HoleBASE3.1 system alongside the other files requested above.



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