Introducing The Keynetix Knowledgebase

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Redditch, UK.

Keynetix Ltd has made a significant investment to improve customer experience and is delighted to launch “The Keynetix Knowledgebase”, a free video support and training website available to all customers with a current Maintenance Agreement.

International sales have risen sharply at Keynetix and the new website provides an all-hours resource for overseas customers. Alongside this, Keynetix’s annual UK User Group Meetings in 2010 saw much discussion around the disappearance of training budgets and, despite this, the best ways in which to facilitate continued professional development. The Keynetix Knowledgebase will allow all customers to educate and inform their staff free of charge and at a time to suit them.

The Keynetix Knowledgebase was previewed and launched last month at the 2011 User Group Meetings to an excellent reception. Typical of the feedback was this comment from Reena Gohel of Atkins Ltd who wrote on her questionnaire: “The online training videos are a brilliant idea especially due to recent constraints in training budgets”.

Delighted with the reception and the new website, Keynetix’s Technical Director, Gary Morin, said “We are really pleased with the upbeat reaction to The Keynetix Knowledgebase and I’m very confident that it will bring a wide range of benefits and efficiencies to our customers old and new”. Services Manager, Phil Child, added “We have seen considerable frustration from our clients in recent years that courses are scheduled which would help them improve their professional skill-set, only to find that time and budget restrictions prevent them from attending. With the arrival of Knowledgebase all customers can benefit from many of our popular training courses without leaving their desks”.

Free course highlights include an introduction to the HoleBASE suite of products. The website also hosts a large set of frequently asked questions and industry white papers and new content is added on an almost daily basis. All customers with an up-to-date maintenance agreement can access The Keynetix Knowledgebase using their existing user names and passwords.

The Keynetix Knowledgebase can be found at http:\\

All questions and enquiries should be addressed to Keynetix’s Support Team:
+ 44 (0)1527 68888