KeyLAB – Finalist at Ground Engineering Awards 2013

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The Ground Engineering Awards attracts some of the biggest names in the Industry, as it provides an unequalled celebration of geotechnical and geoenvironmental achievements.

Why are so many laboratories now using KeyLAB?

A geotechnical laboratory generates large amounts of data for each test which is then used to only produce one or two reported results for the client. As a result the majority of worldwide geotechnical labs use Microsoft Excel® which involves many stages of data re-entry. The “file per test” approach is fine for small labs, but very quickly becomes problematic for larger labs as it is time consuming. Add to this the biggest problem labs face; which is the production of AGS 3.1 and AGS 4 data which requires further data re-entry increasing the risk of mistakes being made.

KeyLAB takes away all of these issues by using one system to manage all aspects of their laboratory and ensures data is only ever entered once throughout the life of a project.

“We are delighted to have the technical excellence of the Keynetix team recognised again at the GE awards” said Dr Roger Chandler “Since we launched KeyLAB 2 a couple of years ago we have seen the UK and international take up of the project increase drastically and are delighted with the progress of the product and the recognition this nomination gives the product.”

Keynetix showcased the Ground Technology Services, Kings Cross Project for the GE Awards. KeyLAB enabled Ground Technology to maximise the use of data sharing between field based logging systems, engineers and the laboratory. Ground Technology used Keynetix KeyLogBook computers on-site to log data which could then be transferred directly to KeyLAB back at the lab on tablet PCs and a wireless network. AGS data was then produced directly from these results without any data re-entry; saving Ground Technologies around 60% of their time making a cost saving of £5000 on this single project alone. When asked about using KeyLAB on this particular project, Ben Armstrong of Ground Technologies says “the main benefits to the laboratory are decreased costs and delivery times, increased quality control and increased knowledge of the laboratory operations. If we scale up the saving we made on this project across all the projects we expect to complete this year, the saving could represent a return on our initial investment of around 200% a year”.

To celebrate becoming finalists in the Ground Engineering Awards 2013, Keynetix are offering £750 off the price of any first or second licences of KeyLAB purchased before Thursday 28th March 2013. To take advantage of this fantastic offer, contact us now for a quotation.


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