Keynetix Appoints Dataforensics as a North American Agent for HoleBASE SI and KeyLAB

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Redditch, UK 6th Jan 2015

In response to increasing demand from USA and Canada, Keynetix are pleased to announce that they have appointed Dataforensics as an agent for their KeyLAB and HoleBASE SI products in North America.

The new partnership will allow Dataforensics to supply Keynetix’s range of world leading geotechnical data management software to both new and existing customers and will greatly aid Keynetix presence in North America.

The new partnership draws on the distinct strengths of each company: Dataforensics expertise in geotechnical and geoenvironmental mobile data collection, database design and reporting for the North American market in conjunction with Keynetix passion and knowledge of geotechnical data management, reporting and data interchange. The combination expands geotechnical data management software options for the North American market and gives businesses and their employees greater choice in gathering, managing, reporting and visualizing their data.

“With their extensive knowledge in the area of geotechnical data management, Dataforensics is ideally placed to deliver high quality advisory and support services in North America and we are very excited to have them working with us.” said Roger Chandler, Managing Director of Keynetix.

Collaboration between the two companies has already started.  Dataforensics is working on an ASTM configuration pack, which enables HoleBASE SI to work with ASTM standards straight out the box. The pack will remove the majority of expense and time in implementing and configuring software.

“There have been few innovations in the core software for managing geotechnical data in the last several years. Dataforensics is excited about the partnership with Keynetix which teams two visionary geotechnical software vendors whose goal is to further streamline and enhance how users can transform their data into knowledge” said Scott Deaton, President of Dataforensics.

The partnership significantly extends Keynetix’s reach into North America and complements the Autodesk Partners who are already working with them on the adoption of their BIM and AutoCAD Civil 3D products.

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