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“I wouldn’t have known how to do a lot of the stuff on my own and I’m already putting it to use at work” Kris Butterworth of George Hutchison Associates.

Using HoleBASE SI, but had no official training?  What are you waiting for?  There are public courses every few months that will greatly benefit you and your company and the next couple of courses are in just a few weeks’ time.

We also offer training packages all year round where we come to your offices and teach up to six people at once.  These are especially beneficial for those companies who have several people using HoleBASE SI, however, we also run dedicated courses at our own offices, just off J3 M42 every couple of months, which are a great way to learn how to use our products and listen to how others are using the software.

The next set of courses being held at our offices are covering “Mastering HoleBASE SI” (12th & 13th April) and “Designing Templates for HoleBASE SI” (14th April).  These courses provide people with a huge amount of assistance to improve the way in which they use the software and to get the maximum benefit from it.

If you’re still not sure, why not take a look at some of the things other people have said after attending the courses:

As a beginner to HBSI, I found this course very educational and feel I can go away and create my own projects in HoleBASE and navigate around it with ease” Rachael Leech of Harrison Group.

“A very useful course that provided lots of information and tips to get the most out of the software”
Asha Ghowry of Ecologia

Mastering HoleBASE SI Course

This two-day hands-on course for up to 6 delegates includes all the information a typical HoleBASE SI user might reuqire for day-to-day use.  Some content is presented with the project manager in mind, this providing a framework for how the system can be used in a team context.  Skills are taught in the following applications:-
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    • HoleBASE SI (Professional and Standard)
    • HoleBASE SI Extension for Microsoft Excel


The course is broadly organised as follows:

      •  Review course objectives
      • Overview of HoleBASE SI
      • Creating and importing projects
      • Organising the interface
      • Interrogating data
      • Data entry and editing
      • Log production
      • Mapping
      • Quick Sections
      • Generating Excel Reports


Designing Templates in HoleBASE SI Course

A course for staff responsible for HoleBASE SI administration within their organisation.  This course covers the ways that output tempaltes can be changed as well as covering advance techniques for the entering and importing of data.  Skills are taught in the following applications:

      •  HoleBASE SI Extension for Microsoft Excel
      • Template Studio
      • Data Entry Module (via the profile editor within HoleBASE SI)
      • Data Entry Feedback Tool


The course is broadly organised as follows:

      •  Label
      • Data Text
      • Logos
      • Range Text
      • Water Strikes
      • Geology Graphics Bar
      • Geology Description
      • Tables
      • Page Setup
      • Graphs and Charts
      • Header Sheets
      • Combined Logs

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