Keynetix Autodesk University 2015 Report

Please note that the following news item is an archived article. Therefore any links and information may now be out of date.


No sooner had we packed away the name badges from this year’s User Group Meeting, four lucky members of the Keynetix team jumped on a plane and headed for the Autodesk University in Las Vegas. Our challenge was to simultaneously train around 100 people to use our software and to report back on all the new and exciting developments Autodesk has planned for the next year.

Firstly Autodesk University, or AU as it is referred to by the regulars, is massive. With over 10,000 delegates, and 900 classes running over 4 days, it is a mission just to get to the right place at the right time. This was no problem for Os who managed to fill the first day with development training, and who then went on to attend a large number of classes and parties for the rest of the week, expanding his knowledge of AutoCAD Civil 3D capabilities and his network of technical gurus.

Meanwhile Gary, Tim and Roger attended meetings with our current Autodesk reseller partners and a number of potential future partners and manned the Keynetix booth in an exciting exhibition hall.

At the start of the conference there is always a keynote presentation by Autodesk senior management, including the CEO, Carl Bass. With the world getting ready for Star Wars mania it  was great to see the first speaker escorted onto stage by 8 star troupers (now there is an idea for next year’s UGM Hayley).

The theme of the keynote was augmentation, the combining of man and machine. The presentation was as polished as ever and detailed just how man and machine can work together, not only in the construction of things but also in the design of them too.

References were made during the keynote to the way digital printing has changing the way things were made and now that humans did not need to make everything our designs did not have to be held back by the traditional way we made things in the past. Pretty heavy stuff! It was amazing to see some of the designs now coming out of Autodesk products ready for digital construction.

Although the keynote and presentations during the week were good, Autodesk had kept the best to last. Indeed Gary’s lab on “Modelling Complex Geology in AutoCAD Civil 3D” was in the last slot of the conference and while other lectures had poor attendance for this slot, Gary pulled in a maximum crowd. With 4 demonstrators running around the room helping people when they had questions the class went very well and received a high feedback score from the delegates.

“Standing in front of nearly 100 people learning your software program is a nervous but very exciting experience” said Gary Morin “This is the forth year in a row that I have had the opportunity to speak at AU and each year the conference and the Keynetix presence gets larger. Who knows how we will top this for AU 2016!”


“I really enjoyed exploring new tools, technologies and continuously expanding capabilities of Autodesk’s Platform as a Service layer at AU2015. The event provided a perfect opportunity to meet the experts behind the technologies and share professional knowledge with my peers.” Said Osvaldas Tylenis, Senior Developer at Keynetix “Seeing where Autodesk is shifting its development efforts, it became very evident that Keynetix’s development program is progressing similarly to an industry innovator, which makes me very excited about the services which we will provide in the near future.”

It was fantastic to see Keynetix referenced by so many people within the other classes and workshops. There is something very rewarding when you hear total strangers talking so positively about your products.

All in all it was a great, mind expanding, week. With new friends made, new contracts won and lots of new ideas to make our software even better.
Will we see you all at AU 2016 later in the year?