Storage Limits Double from Today

The initial uptake of in the UK and North America has exceeded expectations and we are delighted to be able to pass on the benefits of this success to our customers.

Today we are announcing that all database allocations will double from 26th November 2018 and each client will receive two portal licences as part of their core services.

Customers who were paying for the initial 10GB storage will now receive our Core Services Bundle that consists of:

  • 20GB database storage
  • 1TB Document Storage
  • 2 Portal Licences

Additional storage allocations will also double in size.  So every customer now has twice as much data storage for the same cost.

“There are 14 tangible benefits that offers over our traditional on-premise deploy of HoleBASE SI.” Said Roger Chandler, Keynetix Managing Director

“We have been successfully working with several customers to help them present a compelling business case to their management team and understand which of the benefits applies to their organisation.”

“Our initial feedback showed that the system was going to be attractive to our large corporate customers, but we have been delighted to have also helped several small and medium enterprises benefit from the system in the last couple of months.”

“The doubling of storage allowances will help them even further as it will mean that a large percentage of our customers do not need to purchase any additional storage.”

If you would like to talk to one of our team about how this announcement reduces the cost of for your organization or would like to learn more about the 14 benefits of please call us or complete our contact form.