New HoleBASE SI Release Adds Another Host of New Features and Improvements

Please note that the following news item is an archived article. Therefore any links and information may now be out of date.


Once again our Development Team here at Keynetix has been working full time developing the latest release of HoleBASE SI and we would like to make sure you are aware of some important updates to your software.

Firstly we have included support for Microsoft’s shiny new platforms, Windows 10 and Excel 2016. This is vitally important for IT teams around the world that are planning their upgrade paths to these new and exciting technologies. They can be safe in the knowledge that HoleBASE SI can now be deployed on Windows 7, 8 or 10 and in Excel 2010, 2013 and 2016. (You can just imagine how long it takes us to test each release now!)

We also have good news for users of the software as there have been significant improvements in the functionality of the program. Below is a list of some of our favourite highlights:-

PDF support

We have now included a PDF writer built into HoleBASE SI so that you do not need to rely on the support of Adobe or CutePDF. This feature works with logs, sections and site plans making it even easier to control the quality of your output while reducing the need for licences of other PDF applications.

Additional Data Migration Tools

One of the first tasks users want when they install HoleBASE SI is to import all their old project locations, data and reports. We have focused on these powerful features in HoleBASE SI and made them even better in this build.

To start with, we have extended the Project Location importer to be able to import project data from all your gINT files or your GEODASY databases. This enables you to point HoleBASE SI in the right direction and watch as all your historical projects appear on the system with their locations shown on the mapping interface. It has certainly been fun watching users of these two systems suddenly see their data archive come to life and we hope to see more people maximise the use of their archives now we have added support for these two formats.

We have also introduced a bulk document importer to the program so that you can import your historic geotechnical reports as well as the data and locations. We have tested this with some exciting results, including a company that has imported over 10,000 documents and can now view the SI reports for any one of their historical projects with a simple click inside of HoleBASE SI.

Finally HoleBASE SI will now also allow you to use custom data import mapping files to import the borehole data from gINT, GEODASY or AGS. If you would like us to design you a custom import file please contact the support team.

pLog Enterprise Integration

pLog users will be pleased to know that we have added a pLog enterprise data importer that allows you to import Project level data via their Web Services and includes options to download new or updated data directly into your HoleBASE SI Project, making the pLog to HoleBASE SI one of the most streamlined systems currently available.

Filter by data group for export of data

This new build allows you to filter by grid on export and import of AGS data. This powerful fearture allows you to only import the data you want to review or to export to exact client standards.

Enhanced Configuration Pack Support

We have now completed our ASTM configuration pack for our American users and companies who work internationally in ASTM and BS standards. When you start the program for the first time you will be able to select which Configuration pack you want to set as default and then you are ready to use HoleBASE SI out of the box. Units, paper sizes, testing methods, different logging standards are all taken care of for you.

Once you have set up everything just how you want it you can now also transfer the entire configuration pack to another installation of HoleBASE SI, making it much easier for IT teams to ensure that the same configuration is used across the company on new roll outs of HoleBASE SI.

Streamlined HoleBASE SI expression syntax

We have worked on streamlining the Expression syntax in Template Studio and within user defined fields. All your old expressions will keep working but your new ones should be much shorter and easier to implement. We are still working on the full documentation and training to help people write their own equations but for now here are the new items that we have added:

  • [list type=check_list]
    • Simplified empty / Null value checking – IsBlank()
    • Additional list manipulation functions – ConcatenateWith()


And lots more in HoleBASE SI….


  • [list type=check_list]
    • Ability to change a project coordinate system
    • Report Profiles Custom Scale Support
    • Quick Section Default Legend Order by Depth



And even more new features in Template Studio

  • [list type=check_list]
    • Photographs on logs
    • Photograph reports
    • Point & Line Symbol Support (depth aware)
    • Data Groups Filter Support
    • Enhanced styling / formatting
    • Enhanced styling / formatting for lines (Inc. combined logs and end hole)
    • Expression support for end of hole text (i.e. for termination reason)
    • Included a Text Style function (to enable inline text formatting within expressions)
    • Included a Straight Line Library Item (i.e. for shift start / end)
    • Enhanced vertical scale bar
    • Enhanced Water Strike Styling
    • Enhanced Installation Graphics
    • Improved sort ordering for depth items
    • Support for Show Distinct Values in Depth Related Columns



As with all of our software products, if you currently hold a valid maintenance agreement for HoleBASE SI, you can download the update free of charge from our downloads page.



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