New Release of KeyLAB

Please note that the following news item is an archived article. Therefore any links and information may now be out of date.

This week Keynetix launched another upgrade to our leading Geotechnical and Construction Management software, KeyLAB.  This upgrade adds lots of new functionality and improves the product in a number of areas which help both small and large laboratories.

“We are really pleased to be have been able to release this new upgrade of KeyLAB” said Keynetix Managing Director, Roger Chandler, “The success of KeyLAB has been fantastic since we launched the new version last year and this upgrade continues to drive the product further and further ahead of our competition”

The upgrade sees a brand new Sample Manager and improvements to the AGS Export, Reference Cells, Tests and Schedule reporting facilities and will be welcomed by a number of new and old customers who are working with the new KeyLAB 2 product.

“Thanks for your efforts to improve what is already an excellent product” said David Houseago, Lead Technician at Norfolk Country Laboratories in the UK, “The improvements made will be very useful”

Users with an up to date maintenance agreement can download the upgrade free of charge from the KeyLAB  upgrade pages

Below is a list of the improvements and where you can find out more information on each one.

Sample Manager
This powerful new feature will help your laboratory manager and storeman to track and keep control of where your samples are and when the client has agreed that you can dispose of them.
(User guide section 5)

AGS Export
Now you can export an AGS data file that only contains the sample and hole information.  This is a powerful feature if your laboratory is the first place the samples are logged as it means you can now export this data to your favourite AGS compatible borehole logging program (which of course is HoleBASE) and the engineers do not need to double enter the sample data.
(User guide section 8)

Additional Reference Cells
We have now added two additional reference cell groups that allow you to add any details about the client (address, email etc) or your laboratory (Address Accreditation Number etc) on any input or report sheet.
This feature allows KeyLAB users who are managing more than one laboratory to have the details of the laboratory changed for each report from a single template file.
(User guide section 11)

Display Test Names
This is one of the most commonly asked for improvements.  You can now change the display text for a test everywhere within the program – so if you have wanted to change the test names used then you will want to use this feature.
(User guide section 11)

Remove a Test from the Interface
No longer carry out a test or want to hide it from all the users?  No problem, as you can now simply mark the test as hidden and it will disappear from the interface completely except the Sheets Manager.
(User guide section 11)

Reporting Schedules
We have added a couple of neat additions to the way you can export schedules to Excel.  Firstly if you are using Display Names then these names will now be used on all reported schedule sheets. Secondly if your schedule template includes blank headers then any tests not already in the schedule sheet will be included in these blank headers.

If you therefore include a schedule template in your system that does not have any headers defined at all then you will simply get all the tests that were on the schedule you were exporting in the order they are displayed in the schedule.
(User guide section 12)

Specimen Reference and Depth
These fields are now included on the tests form so that test operators can easily see which specimen test sheet they are opening and no longer need to open all the tests sheets for a sample to find the specimen they wanted.

IT Role-Out Improvements
We have now added all the start up parameters set when you first run KeyLAB into a single XML file that can be installed with KeyLAB, allowing centralised IT departments to streamline the remote installation of the software.



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