Raising Money for Worcestershire NICU Unit

It was our great pleasure recently to take part in a raffle to raise money for Worcestershire Acute NHS Trust NICU unit, not least of which because they helped one of our very own Keynetix families get the best possible start in life which began with rather a shaky start.

Most of you will know Hayley Maher – our Customer Relationship and Events Manger here at Keynetix as she organises our User Conference.  When she found out she was expecting her first child back in 2010, she was absolutely delighted.  However things did not go smoothly.  From 23 weeks into her pregnancy, she was plagued with various illness and nearly lost her baby on several occasions.  “The staff at Worcester Hospital were amazing and treated me so well.  I was like a piece of the furniture as I would be there for a week and then home for a week”.

There was very little chance that Hayley would make it full term and so having the support of a NICU onsite was really reassuring.  Sure enough, on the 7th February 2011, 6 weeks earlier than she should have, she went into early labour and suffered a life threatening abruption.  “Once again, the staff were absolutely amazing, they pulled out all of the stops and from the second they realised what had gone wrong, it took them less than 20 minutes to safely deliver George by emergency caesarean”.  Sadly George was not out of the woods and for the next few weeks, he was treated in the fantastic NICU unit at Worcester.










George was a mere 3lb 13ozs when he arrived and like most babies lost some of that weight, so he needed specialist care and was tube fed for the first few weeks of his life.  The Worcestershire NICU unit were fantastic and treated Hayley, Adrian and George like family.  So when we had the opportunity to try and raise some money for them, we were delighted to.  It was also a wonderful opportunity for George now he understands what happened to go back and see the incubator where he spent his first few weeks and understand what these places do for families.


George delivery worcester money

The NICU unit will use the money to send someone on training or to buy something for the unit.

To find out more about fundraising for Worcestershire’s acute hospitals, contact Craig Burchell on 01905 760551 or email fundraising@worcsacute.nhs.uk.