Support for Office 2013

Please note that the following news item is an archived article. Therefore any links and information may now be out of date.

The release of Microsoft Office 2013®, and in particular Excel 2013®, represents a new version of one of the core environments for many of Keynetix’s products.  As a iteration of the suite of Microsoft applications it represents a significant change over previous versions.

Keynetix is investigating what steps might be necessary to render our products compatible with Office 2013.  As such, we are currently not able to offer support for Office 2013.  This affects the following applications:




HoleBASE SI Excel Extension

HoleBASE Reporter*

*Users of HoleBASE Reporter should be aware that Office 2013 will NOT be supported.  Instead, the product will effectively be replaced with the HoleBASE SI Excel Extension, thus offering full support for Office 2013 in due course.  Note that the HoleBASE SI Excel Extension is designed specifically for use with HoleBASE SI and will not be compatible with HoleBASE3.1.