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Senior Management

Roger Chandler, Managing Director

RogerChandler_croppedRoger is the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Keynetix. Roger has been with the Key-Systems group of companies since 1998 and has come from a Geotechnical background; before joining us he was a project manager and technical developer for SAGE CRISP, a geotechnical finite element programme.

He has been an active member of the AGS Data Management Committee since 1997, a member of DIGGS Core SIG since 2005 and was the co-author of AGSM. Roger also has a BEng in Civil Engineering and a PhD in Geotechnical Numerical Modelling.

Speaking of his highlights whilst at Keynetix, he says “We have pushed the boundaries of technology for software in geotechnics many times and each time we have been successful it has been a highpoint. Every time I conduct a Data Review and help a client to increase their data efficiency produces genuine gratitude from them and these moments are my personal highlights”.

Gary Morin, Technical Director

garymorin_croppedGary is the Technical Director and Co-Founder of Keynetix and has worked with us since 2000. Gary originally trained as a Civil Engineer and has over 27 years’ experience of working in the production and support of a range of software including GIS and CAD, specializing in spatial information management.

Gary is passionate about the use of Geotechnical BIM as a means of integrating the geotechnical process into the wider construction project, he says this will help promote a better understanding of geotechnics and will lead to better designs. He heads up the geotechnical Building Information Modelling (BIM) development and is responsible for the design and support services for a range of products designed to manage the geotechnical data in the BIM process, including the Geotechnical Module from Autodesk and the advances of HoleBASE SI Extension for AutoCAD Civil 3D software.

Alison Evason, Company Secretary & Finance Director

Ali is the Company Secretary and Finance Director at Keynetix and has been with us since 2000. Ali has many years experience in Human Resources and as a Finance Director in the Construction sector and is qualified in SAGE Accounts and has an IABK Qualification. Previously Ali served as an NCO in the Women’s Royal Air Force.

Speaking of her highlights at Keynetix, she says “It has been greatly rewarding to see the effect my team have had on increased revenue from Maintenance Agreement renewals, but I’ve really enjoyed the personal aspect of spending time with staff in a human resources capacity and watching Keynetix grow from just a few people to where it is today”.

Carl Grice, Development Director

carlgrice_croppedCarl is the Development Director and Programme Manager at Keynetix and joined us in 2004. Before joining us, he achieved a BSc Hons in Computer Science and has since become a certified advanced Agile practitioner and PRINCE 2 practitioner. Carl has a broad technical knowledge and extensive experience in the development, delivery and support of enterprise asset management and geographical information systems across a range of platforms and technologies.

Carl has presented on topics including Agile IT project management best practice at conferences such as the APMG Showcase and recently published a paper on data managemenet and IT for the Geo-Engineering Industry.

Carl says “I am fortunate to be working with a range of UK and overseas development partners, industry specialists and engineering teams to create a suite of applications that are transforming the way organizations view data and setting a new standard for Geotechnical and Geo-environmental data management software”.


Customer Services Team

Hayley Maher, Customer Relationship & Events Manager

hayleymaher_croppedHayley joined us early in 2012. Hayley comes from a marketing background mainly working with the emergency services.

Hayley has been organizing the new format of the Keynetix User Conference since it was revamped in 2012. The new format combines the three existing events into one larger conference and has partner companies exhibiting in order to give people the opportunity to connect with everyone in the data supply chain in the same room.

Hayley is also responsible for organizing the many exhibitions we attend, producing any outgoing communication and is responsible for updating the Keynetix website.

Speaking of her highlights with Keynetix she says “I am really pleased with the increase we’ve seen in our presence in the market place since joining Keynetix. We regularly communicate with our customers and the really great thing is that with all the exciting changes which have been made to our products over the last five years, we’ve always got something interesting to say”.

Mobbs Mumtaz, Customer Account Manager

mobbsmumtaz_new_croppedMobbs is one of the Customer Account Managers here at Keynetix, he has only been with us since early 2016 but has hit the ground running and has become an integral part of the team!

Mobbs brings lots of energy and enthusiasm to the team and is working with our customers to make sure our software is implemented and used in the most effective way.

Speaking of his time here at Keynetix he says ‘‘I am fortunate to be part of such an innovative company who have developed a fantastic product. Keynetix have already set new standards in the industry and I am excited to be part of the continuing successful journey that is yet to come”.


Brigette Evans, Customer Account Manager

brigetteevans_new_croppedBrigette joined the Customer Account Management Team in January 2017. Brigette’s background has been customer service based across a wide range of industries but she is finding the world of all things Geotechnical her most interesting and enlightening so far!

Brigette has already attended her first day at the Geotechnical Academy and is very much looking forward to participating in courses over the next 10 months, getting out into the field and into the lab to get a much better understanding of the industry. Although one of the newer members of the team, Brigette is keen to contribute not only towards the first class customer service, but towards the outstanding company culture that is a part of all things Keynetix.


Rosalind Lockley, Customer Account Manager

Rosalind joined the Customer Account Management Team in July 2017. Rosalind’s joins us from studying her degree in Geology at the University of Birmingham, where she graduated in 2016 and then followed it up with a Post-Graduate Diploma in Disaster Management at Coventry University.

Rosalind is really excited to be joining us in a customer facing role, as she really enjoys this aspect but is delighted that she will also get to use her knowledge of Geology within this role too.

Software Services Team

Phil Child, Senior Software Consultant

philchild_croppedPhil is the Senior Software Consultant here at Keynetix and joined us in 2003. Phil has many years experience in the Geotechnical arena, first as Geotechnical Data Management/Technician and also as an eDM Data Manager.

Speaking of his highlights with Keynetix he says “Developing the Support team, becoming the BAU co-ordinator, expanding our training services, consultancy work and being a business/user advocate on projects have been real highlights for me and I look forward to continuing to provide a customer focused service here at Keynetix”.

Oliver Carnaby, Software Services Consultant

olivercarnaby_croppedOliver joined Keynetix in 2016 as a member of the support and consultancy team. Oliver has several years experience working in a geotechnical laboratory, working on testing and laboratory reporting. Before starting with the laboratory Oliver studied Geology and followed it with Geotechnical Engineering and Management at University.

After joining Keynetix Oliver has taken on responsibility for the support and consulting for KeyLAB. Oliver is passionate about data and effective data management. With his understanding of laboratories he has helped numerous companies improve their efficiency.

Oliver said “I am fortunate to work with a great team of people and our users are brilliant to work with”. Speaking of highlights Oliver remarked “Whenever I help someone get more out of their current systems even if its small, I know it’s made a difference”.

Steve Evason, Software Services Consultant


Steve joined Keynetix in 2007 as a member of our support team and has since moved on to cover a number of responsibilities in a consultant role. Steve assists users with getting their software set up and specializes in template design, specifically using the HoleBASE SI Template Studio. Steve has also redesigned the new and Keynetix Assist websites.

Speaking of his time here at Keynetix, Steve says “My time at Keynetix has been a fantastic journey so far and it is really exciting to be a big part of where the company is going. It has been a source of great pride for me to be involved in the development of HoleBASE SI and I look forward to helping as many of our users as possible to use the software.”

Martyn Collis, Senior Support Technician

martyncollis_croppedMartyn is the main contact for many of your support queries here at Keynetix.

He joined Key Systems Geotechnical in 2004 as a member of the support team and has continued to develop into a huge asset to Keynetix. Martyn specializes in helping our users resolve any issues that they may experience and is a voice that many of our users will recognize.

“I am proud to see how far this company has come just within the time that I have been working here and I am really excited to be part of the future of Keynetix,” Martyn says about his time at the company so far.

Melanie Towler, Receptionist and Helpdesk Assistant

meltowler_croppedMelanie originally joined Key Systems as a receptionist in 2005 and returned to become an integral part of our support team in 2014.

Many of you will be familiar with her voice and talking to her on a regular basis. Since re-joining in 2014, following major upgrades of software, Mel spent her early days getting up to speed with the new software and since then has been helping many users do the same.

Speaking of her time with Keynetix she says “ What an absolute joy it has been being part of the Keynetix family.  Now mostly working in support, I enjoy the challenges it brings.”



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