HoleBASE SI Data Entry

Simplify and Integrate Your Data Entry Process

The Data Entry Module is built into every version of HoleBASE SI Standard and HoleBASE SI Professional.

However, if you have staff that only need to enter or edit data, then you can simplify the process for them and reduce costs, by buying standalone Data Entry Modules. Multiple users can enter data at the same time.

All Data Entry profiles created in HoleBASE SI can be used by the Data Entry Module and data entered and edited via the Data Entry Module is immediately accessible to all other users of HoleBASE SI.


Entering Data

• Designed for fast and easy data entry
• Integrated validation and spell checking
• Customisable soil description builder
• Copy record options and default values
• Support for calculated fields
• Intuitive grid based workflows

Flexible Design

• Unlimited step by step process (profiles)
• Each profile can have multiple steps
• Each step can have grids for multiple tables
• Each grid has full control over layout
• Overridable Default values
• Can be exported for transfer to others

Log Preview

• Realtime log previewing
• Utilize your own customized logs
• Location type based log templates
• Print from preview



• Can be installed as a standalone program
• Connect to any HoleBASE SI database
• Supports concurrent data entry
• Supports real-time updating


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  • I like how the add-on products work well within the native application and how versatile and accessible those add-ons make the data.