HoleBASE SI Data Entry
Cost Effective

Save time and save money.  The data entry module allows you to do both with its easy to use interface, customization and licencing options.

Quicker to Train

Expanding your data entry team at short notice is difficult if you do not have a simple system for them to use.

If your current system presents 101 options to the user then the simple interface of the Data Entry module will be a major productivity boost to your team.

The Data Entry Module just does data entry! This means that all the other aspects of HoleBASE SI are hidden from view and the user has a much simplified experience.

This allows you to train them quicker and allows the user to gain confidence in the system fast.

A typist or engineer can be up and running with log production using the Data Entry Module within an hour.

Training an expanded data entry team at short notice is a task you can take off your risk register!

Easy to set up

Every organization logs data in a slightly different way and if you want an intuitive data entry system you will want to tweak the way it works.

With HoleBASE SI you can change everything about any of the profiles or start from a blank one and build your own from the ground up.

The number of steps, the content of each step and grid is customized through a simple to use interface.  Simply drag and drop what you want and test.

Each profile can be saved in a configuration pack and available to all projects making it easy for you to set up, tweak and change your data entry profiles and deploy them to projects.

Cost effective to licence

No one wants to pay for something you will not use, so if members of your team are just adding and editing data then don’t buy them a licence for a full data management system.

A data entry module license is around 1/3 the cost of HoleBASE SI Standard license and many organizations will add these modules as their team expands to keep them economically equipped with the tools they need.

If you need additional members of staff to help you enter data then the combination of a fast learning curve and cost effective licensing conditions makes the Data Entry Module a perfect fit.

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