HoleBASE SI Data Entry
Dynamic Data Editing

Editing your logs can be time consuming if you have to jump between systems and screens.   The Data Entry Module contains several features that make data editing fast and efficient.

Log preview

Entering data into grids without visual feedback can frustrate first time users and make reviewing each log difficult.

That’s why the Data Entry Module comes with a full log viewer that enables you to preview your logs in the same way as the main HoleBASE SI interface. You can even leave the log view window open and refresh it whenever you enter new data.

If there are any errors in the log after you have finished it, just use the Data Entry Module to change the data and refresh to review the changes. Previewing the final log while you enter data makes the checking process easier and will give new users confidence faster.

Jump between locations and steps

Editing your data usually involves changes to a few of the data groups but make sure you don’t have to scroll through many screens to get to the ones you need.

HoleBASE SI Data Entry Module allows you to jump to any step in any profile using a simple dropdown box on the ribbon bar.

You can also jump between borehole locations and different profiles using the same method giving you the ultimate way to navigate your borehole data in edit mode.

Editing log data can be done efficiently using the Data Entry Module jump options that simply allow you to quickly get to the data you need to edit.

Multi User Environment

You must always be working on the current version of the data and make changes immediately available to others in the project team.

This is why the Data Entry Module has a real-time connection to the HoleBASE SI database.

Like editing data in the main HoleBASE SI interface, each row of data is saved back to the database and immediately available to other users when you navigate away from the grid row.

The Data Entry Module gives you a cost-effective way for your team to make corrections to your logs and ensures your data changes are safe no matter how many people are using the system at the same time.

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