HoleBASE SI Data Entry
Step by Step Data Entry

If you create Site investigation reports you will know how much time is spent entering data.  Our goal is to provide you with the tools and features that enable you to have the most efficient data entry process possible.

Customisable Profiles

Each type of location has different data that must be logged.  So an efficient process for a single method may be at the expense of the other methods.

This is why HoleBASE SI allows multiple data entry profiles.

Each profile allows you to set up a step by step approach to your data entry. Each step can contain one or more customizable grids and there is no limit to the number of profiles, steps or grids that can be set up to meet your data entry requirements.

Setting up step by step data entry processes will considerably reduce your training time for new staff and allows you to visually check that everything has been logged for each type of location.

Keyboard friendly

Frequently moving between the keyboard and a mouse slows down your data entry process so you should implement a system than operates with minimal mouse requirements.

This is exactly why we have ensured that the data entry profiles within the Data Entry module can be used mouse free.

Jump to the next row, grid or step with a simple combination of keystrokes. You can even use keyboard shortcuts to copy an existing row of data.

Whether you can touch type or not, you will love the speed the data entry module allows you to enter data into the system and maximize your data entry speeds.

Customizable grids

Not sure which data must be completed or finding yourself constantly typing the same data repeatedly?

We’ve got these problems covered with fully customizable data grids.

Each grid within a profile can be customized to show only the data that must be completed for the type of location.  However, the real power of each data entry grid is the ability to define default values for any column on the grid in each profile.

Customizing the data entry grids in HoleBASE SI will allow you to make the data entry process easier to understand and the default value option will reduce repetitive data entry significantly.

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