HoleBASE SI Extension for AutoCAD Civil 3D
3D Visualization

Visualizing your geotechnical data in 3D environment literally offers a new dimension to your data and will enable you and your clients to understand their site easier.

3D boreholes

3D borehole sticks are a simple but effective way to visualize your geotechnical data.  Without the correct tools, producing these models can be too time consuming to be effective.

When a project is connected to a drawing file all the 3D borehole data is imported directly into the drawing and can be viewed immediately.  You can change how the data is themed, change the vertical scale and display downhole data points all within a dynamic environment that redraws as the data updates.

The 3D borehole options in HoleBASE SI are a powerful way to share data with your BIM team or to help the client visualize their site.

As it takes less than a minute you will be producing this powerful output for every project.

Surfaces and contours from any layer or parameter

3D surface representation and contour plots enable your team to see how parameters change over the extent of the project or within a geological layer.

Top and base surfaces for each geology or lithology can be produced quickly using the HoleBASE SI Extension for AutoCAD Civil Strata Manager.

All other surfaces can be produced using the Parameter surface options that allow you to specify what you want to plot, what filter conditions to apply and what parameters to include. All surfaces produced are created using standard Civil Surfaces so all the surface style options are immediately available.

All surfaces created by HoleBASE SI Extension for AutoCAD Civil 3D are dynamically linked to your data so drawing updates are automated.

This combined with the use of AutoCAD Civil 3D standard features for surface display gives you the ultimate surface generation tool.

Modelling functionality especially for geo engineers

Joining layers from boreholes is just the start of the modelling process.  Without specialist tools the process of adding your engineering experience to your model is difficult.

AutoCAD Civil 3D includes many modeling functions to help the geotechnical engineer to represent the surface and layer configurations.  The toolset assists with the creation of lens, solids, outcrops and volumes and when combined with the data population features of the HoleBASE SI Extension for AutoCAD Civil 3D gives you a powerful combination of modeling capabilities.

Modeling geotechnical and geological features is a time consuming and difficult task that is made easier by using the combination of HoleBASE SI and AutoCAD Civil 3D.


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