HoleBASE SI Extension for AutoCAD Civil 3D
Site Plans and Sections

The HoleBASE SI Extension for AutoCAD Civil 3D enables you to link your HoleBASE SI project and drawing files together to facilitate fast and automated drawings. Dynamic integration with your CAD tool will change how you view and use site plans and sections in your project.

Presentation of data on site plan view

It can be time consuming to position your boring locations on the site plan drawing.  Each must be located at the correct position and represented by a symbol showing the type of drilling method used.

HoleBASE SI Extension for AutoCAD Civil 3D takes care of this for you.

As soon as you have linked the drawing to the project the locations are created within the drawing as COGO points and displayed at their easting and northing locations.

The theme and label can be specified for each type of location using AutoCAD Civil 3D standard COGO point styles.

Boring locations site plans can be completed within seconds using HoleBASE SI Extension for AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Using the dynamic link means that any changes to your borehole data can immediately be reflected in your CAD drawing.

Log strip data

Displaying geotechnical log strips on your drawing is a vital requirement of any project with geotechnical data.  However, presenting the geotechnical layer information as a series of hatch blocks presents several technical and time challenges which HoleBASE SI solves.

HoleBASE SI Extension for AutoCAD Civil 3D can present data shown on a borehole log on a site plan within AutoCAD Civil 3D

The log design used is controlled by the in-built style engine that allows you to quickly change the data template used to display the strip data on the site plan.

Displaying your borehole strip data geographically on a site plan enables the project team and client to understand their site better.

As it only takes around a minute to complete you will be able to do this for every project without having to disturb the CAD team.

Dynamic sections

Drawing sections from scratch, importing images or DXF files from other programs to incorporate into AutoCAD are approaches that will be adding considerable costs to your project.

HoleBASE SI Extension for AutoCAD Civil 3D simplifies your section production.  Select an Alignment on your drawing, define the buffer to include boring locations and draw.

The profile view created is a standard AutoCAD Civil profile view and can be modified using any of the standard commands and options.

The view is dynamically connected to the alignment; move the alignment and the section updates.

This feature is made even more powerful by the ability to add any log strip designs to the section.  Any downhole data can be included in your sections in minutes instead of hours.

This feature alone can justify the whole cost of a HoleBASE SI system on just one project.

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