HoleBASE SI Extension for Microsoft Excel

Dynamic Data Analysis Using Microsoft Excel

The HoleBASE SI Extension for Excel integrates your spreadsheets directly into HoleBASE SI allowing you to extend and automate your analysis and reporting in an environment you are already familiar with.

Engineers and environmental scientists use Excel spreadsheets almost every day. It’s therefore important to get data from your data management solution into Excel quickly and efficiently.

A licence for HoleBASE SI Extension for Microsoft Excel is included with every copy of HoleBASE SI Professional. Additional licences and licences to work with HoleBASE SI Standard can be purchased.


Summary Data

• Automated production of Summary tables
• Automate Measure Sheets
• Automate BoQ calculations and reports
• Insert Project and Company data
• Support for templates images

Filtering and Grouping

• Filter data by any HoleBASE SI parameters
• Group sheets by HoleBASE SI parameters
• Full support for filtering by location groups
• Context sensitive filters based on any data
• User defined sorting criteria

Graphs and Dashboards

• Automatic production of graphs
• Generate Summary plots
• Produce Excel Dashboards by Location
• Produce Excel Dashboards by Geology
• Unlimited graphs and tables per worksheet


Template Design

• Inbuilt designer for design of new reports
• Short learning curve as it uses Excel
• Support for Excel’s formatting functions
• Inclusion of additional worksheets
• Use of Excel calculations on worksheets


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  • I like the interaction that the Keynetix products have with Autodesk and Microsoft products. The regular webinars and demos of new products are very useful.

    Ian Lewis, RAMBOLL

  • I like how the add-on products work well within the native application and how versatile and accessible those add-ons make the data..