HoleBASE SI Extension for Microsoft Excel
Integrated Excel Reporting

Engineers love Excel and so do we.  When your HoleBASE SI data is integrated into Excel the time savings for your team will result in a significant competitive advantage.

Dynamic Reporting

How much time would you save if any Excel report was just 20 seconds away?

Your current system may allow you to export data to a CSV or XLS file for use in your spreadsheets. This leaves you the time consuming and error prone job of cutting and pasting the data into the right cells of your spreadsheet.

HoleBASE SI takes a different approach.  The Extension for Microsoft Excel links your spreadsheets directly to your project data and allows you to import the latest version of your project data with a single button press.

The data goes exactly where you tell it to go – so no more cutting and pasting errors.

The information can also be updated at any time so you know you are always using the latest version of the data.

Using the HoleBASE SI Extension for Microsoft Excel will significantly increase the usefulness of Microsoft Excel for analysing and reporting your project data at any stage of your reporting or analysis.

Summary Tables

Many users find the Extension for Microsoft Excel pays for itself just automating the production of their executive summary tables.

Most Site Investigation reports will include summary tables, either in the executive summary or in a main section of the report.  If your summary tables take you over 2 minutes to produce, then you will love the HoleBASE SI Extension for Microsoft Excel.

The Extension allows you to report data from any tables or any report view.

This means you can produce a report ready summary table, for example of the Geology conditions, Contamination exceedances or monitoring results, in 20 seconds and then cut and paste it straight into your Word report.

This is just one of the strong features of the Extension and shows how cost effective HoleBASE SI makes Excel Reporting.

Charting and Summary Charts

Depth plots and design charts are an important part of reporting and interpreting your site investigation data.  But these reports may be one of the most time inefficient things you do with your data.

HoleBASE SI Extension for Microsoft Excel removes this inefficiency by including easy to use ways to automate graph production from any of the data imported into the spreadsheet.

Simply tell the Extension which data you want plotted and it will do the rest every time you run the report.

It will even create a summary chart for you showing each group of data as a different dataset on a single chart. Charts are an important part of each Site Investigation.  HoleBASE SI Extension for Microsoft Excel allows you to increase their use within your project while reducing the time to produce them.

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