HoleBASE SI Template Studio

Control and Customise Your Reporting Standards

Customizing your template design helps you maintain your company brand whilst allowing you to present your geotechnical data to your clients in the best possible format.

Template Studio enables you to create customized report templates for use in HoleBASE SI. The intuitive interface can be used to visually create and standardize the presentation of boring logs, cross sections, site plans and AutoCAD Civil 3D Profiles.

The Template Studio Module has been designed so that users can pick up its simple design techniques quickly. This gives you a shorter learning curve and ensures that you are not reliant on a single member of staff to change your template designs.


Customize Templates

• Borehole logs and header sheets
• Combined logs showing multiple drilling
• Quick Sections and strips
• AutoCAD Civil 3D strips
• Site plan templates

Simple, Intuitive Interface

• Microsoft Office style interface
• Microsoft Excel based grid system
• 30+ pre-made drag and drop object types
• 100 pre-made expressions
• Live preview of changes

Configuration Control

• Restrict access to named users
• Save to configuration pack for general use
• Save to project for restricted use
• Save local for designs awaiting approval
• Save local for distribution to others

Just Some of the Objects…

• Depth related text, symbols and graphs
• Installation, geology and backfill graphics
• Tabular data
• Photographs
• Text grouping and collision


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  • Its really useful to be able to view your logs in a live project within the application and you can very quickly build up a log which will do exactly what you want it to do.

    Chris Bullas, GIP LTD