HoleBASE SI Template Studio
Logs and Header Reports

Your log designs can set you apart from your competitors and it’s important that the program you use allows you to design templates how you want using a program that is easy to use.

Log Reports

Whether you want to make modifications to an existing log, or you are starting a new design from scratch, it is important that your design program offers you the options to easily customize it.

That’s why we have worked hard to provide flexibility in the production of your log templates with over 30 different drag and drop objects for you to use on the header, footer or depth area.

You can control the front and line styles and colours and can change the data displayed using our comprehensive expressions library.

Template studio will ensure that you can design your perfect log without having a long and painful learning curve.  If you want to get an even faster start, get us to create your first log and use the “save as” feature to use it as the basis of your other logs.

Combined logs

If you change drilling method during a hole, or move from soil to rock you may need to display different data on your log.  Many companies do this by providing two logs for one hole, potentially confusing the client.

Template Studio has a unique way to combine two or more log designs into a single log.  This allows you to show the data relevant to the material you are drilling through without having to create a new log report.

The unique combined log feature in Template Studio allows you to create clear and powerful log designs for combination drilling or changing ground conditions.

Header sheets

It can be difficult to fit everything on a single depth related page.  The addition of a single front sheet detailing the encountered conditions can make your depth logs less cluttered and easier to read.

Header sheets do not have any depth area and can be used to present any data in a text or tabular format.

They are commonly used to display drilling methods, details of insitu results or summary information about the location.

Using the Log Reports option in HoleBASE SI Header sheets can then be printed before each main log during the batch printing process.

Header sheets offer you powerful options of spreading your drilling details over several different pages for each location.

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