HoleBASE SI Template Studio
Sections, Plans and Photos

Ensuring all your output templates are using the same style is important for a professional looking report.  That’s why Template Studio takes care of all output templates not just your log designs.

Log Strips

Displaying depth related data alongside the legend hatching is a common and powerful requirement for engineering sections.

Log strips are the depth related area of a log and can be used in HoleBASE SI Quick Sections, AutoCAD Civil site plans and AutoCAD Civil sections.  Simply define the columns you want in the same way as you do for your logs and save the design to a project or configuration pack.

Log strips are easy to create and give powerful options to present your data to the team or your client.

There is no limit to the number of designs you can create and use and most log objects are supported for strips.

Site plans and Sections

Ensuring the site plans and sections match the design of your other reports is important.  But involving the CAD team each time you want to change your design is not practical.

Template Studio includes drag and drop library items specifically for site plans and sections. Simply select the type of report, merge the grids and drop your library items in. Any changes can be made using the same methods as your logs and strips so there is no new learning curve.

Making and modifying section and site plan templates is easy with Template Studio allowing you to achieve consistent reporting styles across all your outputs.

Photo reports

Photos are a simple way to show clients more detail for a feature found on site. However, including them in your report can involve a lot of fiddling around in Word.

The photo grid object in Template Studio allows you to add photos to the header or footer of a log, or create a report sheet specifically to report photos.

Each grid can include photos from one or more document categories giving you flexibility to present your photos in the most appropriate way.

The photo support within Template Studio enables you to automate the inclusion of your photos on your trial pit logs and location reports, making it easy to report photos in future projects.

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