HoleBASE SI Template Studio
Simple Interface

Making our log designing program easy to use was our number one priority.  The simple to use interface allows you to get up and running quickly and reduces the dependency on individual people in your team that other programs produce.

Clear grid based interface

CAD style interfaces are very flexible but are complicated and difficult to move items and columns around.  We’ve changed this approach and modelled our interface on a grid and cells option instead, just like Excel.

Each log is made up of a grid based header and footer section and a column based depth related area.

Just merge the squares together to make cells then drag one of the log objects into each cell and set any properties.

Each column can have multiple objects in it and the column order can be easily modified.

The grid based approach has many advantages over a CAD style designer as it speeds up the learning curve and makes it easy to adapt existing logs.

Live Preview

Once you have made changes to a log design you need to test it before you make the design live.  If you have to do this by exiting your current designer you are going to love the live preview in Template Studio.

Template Studio comes with a fast, in built, log previewer. Simply select the project you want and preview all locations on your current log design.

Any changes you make to the design can then be previewed immediately on the log preview by clicking the refresh button.

This simple addition to the Template Studio makes a big difference to the time required to make small changes to log designs before you make them available to your team to use.

Library of Drag and drop objects

Deciding the best way to display each item of data can be difficult, especially if it takes time to change the way each item is set up.

Template Studio takes care of this using over 30 different drag and drop objects to help you build your perfect log.  These objects include depth symbols, bar charts, graphs, and several methods for displaying graphics and text on your logs.

To change the way any data is displayed, simply swap out the object for a different one and live preview.

The drag and drop objects in Template Studio make it easy to see the options available for changing your log design.

When combined with the live preview they enable fast modifications to your log designs.

Want to find out more?

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