Your historical data is one of your organization’s competitive advantages and HoleBASE SI will allow you to locate this information quickly and include it within any desk studies.

Centralized data

There is no need for the concept of an archive.  All your data and knowledge stays live and accessible for as long as you want.

Some systems store your project data in multiple files across your server in multiple locations.  This makes it difficult to locate current corporate knowledge for a new site quickly and may have multiple versions of the same data being accessed by different team members.

HoleBASE SI uses a SQL Server database that stores all your projects in a single centralized database server.  It even stores photographs or documents for your project.

HoleBASE SI will ensure that you are making the most of your organization’s geotechnical knowledge, reduce knowledge loss from previous projects and ensure everyone is working from the same version of the data.

If you want up to date information in Excel or AutoCAD then you can simply use the update button to import the latest version of the data into these applications.

Integration with external mapping via WMS

Knowing where your historic projects are is vital.

This is why many organizations spend valuable time and money developing simple interfaces to show their project locations in Google earth or ARCGIS.

HoleBASE SI puts your projects on the map for you.  It also includes a commercial license of Microsoft Bing Mapping and place finder allowing you to just type the postal code into HoleBASE SI to see all your nearby project information.

The system also allows you to connect to internal or external web mapping services to allow you to stream background mapping from your favourite mapping provider, including the BGS and USGS.

HoleBASE SI allows you to quickly view your historical data to assist you with your desk studies.  The mapping interface ensures that it is easy to combine this data with other GIS data available to you.

Data import from legacy systems

Many new users have used systems such as gINT or GeoDASY previously and these historical systems will be hiding a lot of your geotechnical history in files on your server.

Uncovering this data is vitally important and the reason HoleBASE SI comes with bulk import options for gINT, geoDASY, CSV and AGS.

Once an import mapping file has been created simply point to a network drive or folder and it will find all the files to import.

No matter what system you have been using previously, HoleBASE SI will allow you to centralize and access all your data giving you a competitive advantage over organizations still using historic fragmented solutions.


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